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Changing the door lock: How to proceed

Your door lock can no longer be closed? Unfortunately, this is a not uncommon sign of wear and tear. No wonder: Doors and door locks are used intensively every day. So that your locks can be opened and closed smoothly again, we will explain how you can easily change door locks yourself. Then, with our help and step-by-step instructions, nothing can go wrong.

Changing the door lock: what to do if it is worn out?

A door like this has to go through a lot: over the years, even decades, it is opened, closed, bolted, slammed, and maybe even broken open countless times. So it’s no wonder that it’s not just that wood, but the door lock is also affected and wears out. If the latter is jammed or cannot be closed at all, you should replace the door lock because the perfect functionality of a door lock is a prerequisite for privacy and security in your own four walls.

What types of door locks are there?

In advance, it must be said that not every door lock is like the other. You can choose between door locks for interior doors (room doors, kitchen, and bathroom), external doors (garden house), and apartment and front doors differentiate. Depending on door type, the locks also differ in their security. Of course, front door locks are more complex and difficult to pick than locks on simple room doors.

How do front door locks differ from apartment door locks?

So-called warded locks are usually used for room doors inside the apartment or house. They usually have a simple lock case. In contrast, apartment and house doors have more complex and significantly more secure tubular frame locks, security locks with profile cylinders, mortise locks, or self-locking locks. Here one speaks more of security technology.

Changing the door lock: this is what you need

Replacing a door lock yourself is not a big effort – you usually don’t need any help or a professional on-site. The lock can also be removed and replaced by laypersons in just a few steps. All you need is a little patience and tools:

  • Zollstock
  • hex key
  • screwdriver
  • Possibly a drill
  • New door lock
  • Possibly new fittings

Tip: Before you go to the hardware store drive, you should measure the old locking cylinder – there are different sizes in hardware stores and returns only work with parts still in the original packaging.

How to change your door lock: step-by-step instructions

Do you want to change a door lock in your house or apartment? Then we have a simple and quick step-by-step guide for you. Changing the lock is guaranteed to work – even without a professional!

1.      Measure the lock cylinder:

First, the lock cylinder of the door lock must be measured. It is essential to know what size to get from the hardware store. It is best to use a folding ruler to measure. Open the door and place the meter rule on the set screw (the middle of the three screws). Now measure the length in both directions from the screw to the fitting. Since the door leaves are asymmetrical, there are usually two different values. The values ​​are not intended to be added together but indicate the inside and an outside length of the cylinder. These two values ​​are important later in the hardware store, so you should make a note of them.

2.      Remove the lock cylinder:

To change the door lock, the so-called adjusting screw must first be completely loosened. The lock cylinder can then be removed by turning the key around 20 degrees. Incidentally, a gentle shake works wonders on jammed cylinders! If the cylinder cannot be removed at all, removing the fitting usually helps.

3.      Remove door handle:

After the cylinder has been successfully removed, the door handle and the square can be removed. If you have not already done so in step two, the fittings can now be removed.

4.      Removing the mortise lock:

Once the door handle, square and fittings have been removed, the two screws at the top and bottom of the door lock (on the door rebate side) can be loosened and the mortise lock can be removed. You can take the removed mortise lock with you to the hardware store, so the seller knows exactly which lock you need and you don’t run the risk of buying a lock that is too small or too big.

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5.      Installing the lock:

You went to the hardware store and got a new lock? Then this can now be installed and mounted. At this point, it is helpful if you have noted the order of removal – installation now works in exactly the opposite way. First, the door lock is inserted, and the screws are fixed.

6.      Attach fittings, square and handle:

After the lock has been inserted and fixed, the fittings, square and door handles can now be attached again. After assembly, test directly whether the handles can be moved smoothly.

7.      Insert the cylinder and tighten the adjusting screw:

Finally, reinsert the cylinder (in the right direction!) and tighten the adjusting screw. Test all functions directly: Can the handles be operated correctly? Can the door be locked?

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