• Food and Drink

    A favorite for coffee fans

    Cafe Adelaide coffee beans Whenever you think of specialty coffee, Cafe Adelaide will immediately come to mind. Yes, Cafe Adelaide is one of the largest producers of specialty coffee and the legendary origin of coffee. It is said that more than a thousand years ago, in the 9th century in the southwestern plateau of Cafe Adelaide, a shepherd discovered that…

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  • MedicalOral Sedation

    What is dental sedation?

    Dental sedation is a technique that makes patients more comfortable during dental procedures. Our dentists can help you determine if dental sedation is a good option. At Virginia Dental care, we do everything we can to help you feel relaxed and at ease during dental appointments. In addition to offering sedation options, we are happy to work at a pace…

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  • Servicesprotective packaging

    Handy packing tips: How do you pack everything while moving?

    How do you pack everything efficiently? Anyone who is moving has a lot on their mind. You think about the furnishing of your new home, look for a moving company, inform the necessary authorities, etc. In addition, you better think about how you can pack everything as efficiently as possible. If you approach this properly, a move need not be…

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  • ServicesDigital Marketing

    The eight key digital marketing services for your clients

    Doing traditional marketing is expensive and often unprofitable. This has been learned by agencies dedicated to marketing and companies seeking their services. Fortunately, they have already found a model that best suits budgets, objectives, and audiences: digital marketing. This type of marketing is linked to inbound because its core is digital content: blog articles, ebooks, infographics, videos, success stories, messages…

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  • Services


    Both rewarding and critical, the organization of an event requires a common vision and synergistic action by the various stakeholders. Like service, events take on the character of “simultaneity” of production and consumption. That said, whether you are the owner of your event or a simple service provider, event planning must follow a rational scheme that considers all the variables…

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  • Health and FitnessDigital Marketing Agency

    Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency for Doctors

    The CFM (Federal Council of Medicine) regulates various aspects of health work, including digital marketing for physicians. The agency has resolution 1974/11 of 2011 with general guidelines for medical advertising. It must ensure that healthcare professionals act ethically in all dissemination areas. Those who violate these regulations will receive a warning from the CFM and have a deadline to correct…

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  • UncategorizedHealthcare Marketing

    Healthcare marketing: 5 myths you need to forget

    Healthcare Marketing is often overlooked by professionals in the industry, especially those used by insurance companies and personal referrals to keep new patients flowing. But, we know that nowadays, it is no longer like that and that the way of attracting and retaining patients has changed. In this context, Healthcare Marketing Agency is a necessity. This post will demystify some of the myths…

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  • Home Improvement

    Changing the door lock: How to proceed

    Your door lock can no longer be closed? Unfortunately, this is a not uncommon sign of wear and tear. No wonder: Doors and door locks are used intensively every day. So that your locks can be opened and closed smoothly again, we will explain how you can easily change door locks yourself. Then, with our help and step-by-step instructions, nothing…

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