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Handy packing tips: How do you pack everything while moving?

How do you pack everything efficiently? Anyone who is moving has a lot on their mind. You think about the furnishing of your new home, look for a moving company, inform the necessary authorities, etc. In addition, you better think about how you can pack everything as efficiently as possible.

If you approach this properly, a move need not be a burden, but you can make a virtue of necessity. Take this opportunity to do a big clean and start with a clean slate in your new home. Below we give a number of handy packing tips.

Start packing on time.

As with everything in a moving process,  it is best to start packing your belongings in good time. If you plan everything properly and clearly, packing for your move does not have to be stressful at all. Take your time to take a good look at everything and use this opportunity to take things you no longer need to the thrift store or the container park.

Over time, everyone accumulates a lot of stuff that you don’t really use or no longer need. So moving is the perfect time to prune your belongings and keep them clean. In this way, you can also save space.

Sturdy packing material

When your planning is ready, it is important to provide proper packing material. Of course, you want your belongings to reach their new destination without damage. Therefore do not be too light about the choice of your packaging material.

At Britwrap, they already have sufficient quality packaging material. Think of cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, ice packs to store food, tissue paper, or foil, but also sturdy boxes for your most fragile possessions, file cabinets, and wardrobes. You can also start collecting the necessary material yourself in time. Think of sturdy boxes, newspapers to pack glasses, or old sheets.

When packing your belongings, make sure the heaviest items are at the bottom, and the breakables are well packed. In addition, you ensure that the material cannot move during transport.

Label your packed items

To save you frustration and research while unpacking, it’s important to label everything correctly. Make sure that the label clearly states what was stored in each box or chest and where it can be placed in your new home. Finally, you also clearly indicate which box contains delicate items.

So not only do you know where everything belongs but also your moving assistant, whether or not in the form of a professional moving company. This saves time and ensures a smoother process of the move itself.

Transport and moving lift

You may not have thought about it yet, but carefree moving is often linked to having proper transport. When you have packed everything properly, it must also arrive safely at your new home. Therefore, stuffing your own car is not always the best option.

In addition, you should also consider that (some of) your belongings may need to be moved to a floor or apartment. Carrying everything up a flight of stairs is one option, but a  professional removal lift is easier. This saves you a lot of walking back and forth and a sore back afterward.

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