The eight key digital marketing services for your clients

Doing traditional marketing is expensive and often unprofitable. This has been learned by agencies dedicated to marketing and companies seeking their services. Fortunately, they have already found a model that best suits budgets, objectives, and audiences: digital marketing.

This type of marketing is linked to inbound because its core is digital content: blog articles, ebooks, infographics, videos, success stories, messages on social networks, and emails. As a result, companies that focus on inbound marketing have lower costs per sale opportunity than companies that opt ​​for traditional marketing strategies, and “companies that apply inbound marketing tactics can generate up to 126% more leads than those that don’t apply it.”

Therefore, offering services that support these activities is a good idea. And to spread the word about inbound marketing or the value of branded content, it is your agency’s responsibility to implement this methodology and convince your clients to do so.

As an agency, your priority should be to contribute to the growth of your client’s businesses, so it is key to provide them with digital marketing services for lead generation, traffic, and brand recognition, among others. So we have created a list of digital marketing services you can offer to achieve their goals and increase your client base.

Eight key digital marketing services for your clients

  1. content strategy
  2. SEO optimization
  3. Email marketing
  4. Ads and content promotion
  5. Social networks
  6. Web development
  7. Customer care and service channels
  8. Metrics analysis

Content Strategy

Many clients will want to jump right into producing content, so your job is to remind them how important it is to create a content marketing strategy beforehand.

Developing a strategy will help you better understand where they are today and what they need to get to their goal.

One of the most important parts of this process is creating buyer personas. And even if your client already has them, you must evaluate their quality and identify ways to strengthen them. This first step is critical, as buyer personas will be used to guide the direction of future content creation.

In addition to the buyer persona, you can also audit the content that the client already has. For example, many companies have content that can be “reissued,” “reformatted,” or simply serve as a starting point for generating other content.

Once you know ​​what you want to post, you should also suggest a way to organize the content. We recommend the use of an editorial calendar. And depending on the amount of content they want to publish, they can create separate calendars: for a blog, social networks and email. This is a crucial step because it helps you and the client visualize progress, frequency, posting patterns, etc.

Relevant content must be included on your website, social media profiles, and blogs. Timely and adhere to the needs of your buyer personas. Look for information that adds value to people, whether they are familiar with your products or services or just getting acquainted with your offer. In addition to becoming a benchmark in your industry,

SEO optimization

Today’s consumers are in control. They understand how and where they can locate the required information.

If your customers want their content to be found by those looking for solutions on the web, they need to know that content creation is only half the battle. Content needs to be visible and optimized for it to impact the business’s bottom line.

You can help your clients achieve higher visibility and conversions by offering a content optimization service. To do this, you must do keyword research and include anchor texts to put SEO principles into practice, understand user behavior and provide ideas to improve your digital marketing consultant.

It is important to stress that optimization is not one more “task” that can easily be crossed off the list. Optimization is a continuous process that should be incorporated into your overall digital strategy, as you must engage in Google Adwords, search engines, etc. or ads displayed on other sites, « 51% of all website traffic comes from search organic ‘. That is where SEO influences to show relevant results for people’s queries on the internet.

Email marketing

Email marketing has become one of the most important actions for companies that want to acquire customers or retain the ones they already have. A good strategy creates timely and personalized messages which respond to specific interests of the stage in which your customers are, according to the buyer’s journey.

To achieve this, support the efforts you build for companies with an email marketing tool that allows you to automate the sending of emails, that gives you guidelines to create attractive designs and messages that arouse interest and increase the click rate to get the conversions they need, with efficient calls to action.

Ads and content promotion

If your goal is to get relevant content to the right people at the right time, you need a content promotion strategy to achieve that.

Under the principle that many companies today operate with an “if we build it, they will come” mentality, agencies need to focus on offering a service that helps clients extend their current reach.

There are endless platforms to create relevant ads on the channels that audiences frequent the most: social networks (like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc.), websites (for banner ad strategies), search engines (Google Ads, for example), and also focusing on the type of content they consume. Identifying which ones generate the highest ROI will save time and budget, plus you need to find the ad format that will be most successful.

It is advisable to begin by analyzing the user’s present channels of distribution. And include a study of how your competition promotes your content. While this typically includes channels like email and social media, you can use buyer personas to discover alternative platforms.

Another option is to help the brand do influencer marketing, that is, connect with people with influence in the networks or the industry interested in sharing your content or promoting your products. This increases your reach and provides instant brand credibility.

Social networks

By 2022, there will be around 3 billion people using social media, thanks to smartphones and Internet connectivity. For this reason, they are basic for all companies but require intelligent management. However, although the offer of platforms is very wide, this does not mean that a brand should have a presence in all of them because audiences are divided and choose the one that best suits their behaviors, type of content, and publication formats, among others. Therefore, you must analyze which one suits your clients according to their sector to interact with their consumers or prospects so that the content communicates efficiently.

Sometimes it will be difficult to convince a company to enter a new social network. Still, it is part of your job to present the strengths, from the demographics of its users to how to manage the investment of the content promoted on it. In other words, as a marketing agency, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of these platforms and social media trends to help your clients make smart decisions. 

Web development

Web development involves different elements, but they all serve a single goal: a site that is easy to navigate and invites your visitors to come back whenever they need to. That is why digital marketing also focuses on creating sites that provide a good user experience (UX, as it is known in the environment) from the moment you load it on your chosen device until you perform some action with your content. For example, exchanging confidential information may involve something as simple as consulting a company’s contact channel or, more complex, purchasing a credit card.

Pay attention to the layout of the sections, the number of pages necessary for their navigation and the files (text documents, images, videos) you show in them because the loading speed also guarantees a good experience. For example, if you use too many videos or images that are too heavy, the speed will be slower, and people will soon give up knowing your content to go to your competition. To check that this isn’t the case with your site, you can grade it with our Website Grader app, which will check these crucial aspects of any site’s optimal performance for free.

Suppose the company website’s content has not been updated in several years (this is quite common). In that case, you should identify those pages that should be considered a priority to update them or, if necessary, create a landing page for a campaign or product in particular.

If your customer seems a little skeptical about the importance of this service, be sure to explain that Google loves new content. Swapping outdated stats for new ones, removing old images or screenshots, and replacing internal links with more relevant ones will reinvigorate your content. 

Customer care and service channels

Perhaps this task does not seem crucial to you in the marketing area, but the strategy needs to be solid in the digital model. The distinctive characteristics of the digital environment involve the immediacy and ease that people have to communicate with the brands and companies with which they do business. On many occasions, the difference between making a purchase or abandoning the cart is in a resolved question or a busy line that you do not answer.

To ensure there are opportunities to clear that roadblock, a great solution for your customers is a CRM and seamless problem-solving resources. CRM is the platform that manages interactions with people to give an updated follow-up. It guarantees that there are no loose ends or fragmented information. The second is an example of support so that the users themselves resolve the most common questions or problems. We are talking about guides or FAQ documents that do not require the intervention of technicians or service representatives but that offer tools to people who do not want to spend a lot of time finding an answer. Thus, the most serious or complicated cases can be treated with the care they deserve.

Good service becomes the best marketing campaign because satisfied customers share a good experience with their contacts.

Analysis of metrics

An old business proverb says, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Offering services that provide reporting and analytics on content marketing will give your clients the numbers they need to adjust their strategy to focus on what’s working.

Most marketing software platforms can create a wide range of reports. Still, you need to focus on your analytics and reporting services to avoid overwhelming the customer with too much information.

To do that, you must first identify how success is defined for your business. Does it mean attracting more traffic? Increase social media engagement? Doubling the number of registrations for a webinar? You will also have the opportunity to create A/B tests, especially when advertising on a new platform or with content targeting a new market segment.

This will help you identify the most important KPIs (performance indicators) and set specific goals based on those indicators. That way, when it comes time to make a report, you’ll know exactly what information the client wants and needs to know.

What content marketing services does your agency offer? Are you updated and prepared to offer the best service?

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