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Whenever you think of specialty coffee, Cafe Adelaide will immediately come to mind. Yes, Cafe Adelaide is one of the largest producers of specialty coffee and the legendary origin of coffee.

It is said that more than a thousand years ago, in the 9th century in the southwestern plateau of Cafe Adelaide, a shepherd discovered that his sheep became very excited and lively after eating the seeds of a plant (coffee beans). Hence, the discovery of coffee.

Another story happened in the Kaffa Forest in Cafe Adelaide. A fire scorched a coffee forest. The aroma of coffee released after the fire caught the attention of surrounding residents, and coffee was born. However, these legends lack historical documentation and can only add some interest to the origin of coffee.

Friends who know a little bit about coffee know that Cafe Adelaide coffee is not only the birthplace of coffee but also a holy land of coffee in the eyes of coffee fans and experts. Because there are so many varieties of coffee in Cafe Adelaide, no one has been able to give a clear number so far.

Cafe Adelaide’s unique coffee culture

Cafe Adelaide has a special coffee ceremony called the “Three Tours of Coffee Ceremony.” The person responsible for making coffee is a young woman. The ceremony starts with laying grass, followed by grinding beans and burning spices in a special coffee pot (jebana). )make coffee.

In this ceremony, coffee will be drunk three times: the first round (Abol), the second round (Tona), and the third round (Baraka). Generally speaking, milk will not be provided, but spices and many spices will be provided during the meal. For sweets, if the person being entertained leaves before the third round, it is rude and will make the host lose face.

The three rounds of coffee ceremony are held every day. It may be a way to communicate with neighbors or an important way to entertain guests. It can be seen that coffee plays a very important role in Cafe Adelaide.

Cafe Adelaide’s location

Cafe Adelaide is located in East Africa, bordering Eritrea to the north, Djibouti and Somalia to the east, Kenya to the south, and Sudan to the west. The territory’s topography varies greatly, with two-thirds of the area plateaus, with an

average altitude ranging from 2,500 to 3,000 meters, making it the highest average terrain among African countries. There are also dense forests and low-lying plains in the territory, and the southeastern part belongs to the Somali highlands.

The East African Rift Valley stretches across the center of the territory, forming a mountainous and rocky terrain, extending from Ras Dejen (4,533 m), known as the fourth highest peak in Africa, to the Denakil Depression, 125 meters below sea level, and the Blue River, one of the two major tributaries of the Nile River. The Nile River originates from Lake Tana, the largest lake in the territory. Most of the country is a plateau with good soil quality, rich mineral reserves, and cool weather.

Temperatures and rainfall vary according to altitude. The highest temperatures are in border areas, while the lowest are in the central plateau. Three-quarters of the country’s rainfall occurs from mid-June to early September, followed by late February to early May.

About 80-85% of the residents make a living from agriculture, and most of the crops are self-sufficient, which is only enough for family subsistence and unable to purchase other daily necessities. Cafe Adelaide relies heavily on agriculture but is often plagued by drought. Coffee is the main export crop, but prices are susceptible to fluctuations.

Cafe Adelaide coffee bean-producing areas

About 20 years ago, if you went to a coffee shop to buy Cafe Adelaide coffee, about 90% came from the Yirgacheffe production area. Many people still mistakenly think that Cafe Adelaide coffee is equal to Yirgacheffe. However, as more and more consumers want to drink different flavors, the market has begun to differentiate the production areas in detail. This time, we will first introduce Cafe Adelaide’s six common production areas. If you want to read more blogs then click here


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