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    Skin Purging vs Breakouts | A Valid Debate

    Skin appearance often persuades people to add skincare products to their routine. However, to diminish the acne on their skin they use such products. However, with the use of these products, their skin might initially purge. You might confuse it with breakouts. Let’s see what skin purging vs breakout is. Skin purging If your skin is suffering from acne, it…

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  • How to Get Shiny and Healthy Hair With Aloe Vera

    Why is your hair so dry?

    For centuries hair has been considered to be attractive. That’s why many nations preferred to cover it so only a husband could see the real beauty of a wife. Hair is the first noticeable thing in person, when you describe somebody first you say the color of her or his hair. Hair is near the face and it can give…

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  • Why People Choose Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry?

    Lab-grown diamonds are gaining in popularity as a source of the jewelry. That’s because they have a host of benefits over traditional gems. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing lab-grown diamond jewelry. What is Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry? Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that have been grown in a lab. This…

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  • Glycolic Body Wash

    The Benefits of Clinical Body Care Treatments and Glycolic Body Wash

    When perusing the spa menu, don’t forget to look at the clinical body treatments that are available. The skin on your body deserves as much attention as the skin on your face, neck, and décolleté, so be sure not to overlook spa offerings for the body at a premier spa. You can also extend the benefits of your spa body…

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  • Try a Winged Eyeliner Stamp and Other Fun Fall Makeup Looks

    You can almost feel it in the air. Fall is just around the corner—and we’re here for it! Whether it’s adding a warmer ambiance to your home, wardrobe, or makeup, the seasonal switch is upon us. As we slowly make the transition, though, it’s time to play with different makeup looks that lean into both summer and fall. No matter…

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  • Kundali Milan

    Which Guna is Very Important While Kundali Milan?

    In Vedic Astrology, the concept of Kundali Milan (matching of horoscopes) is very important. Before marriage, all girls and boys must go through this process to find an ideal life partner. But do you know which Guna is very important while Kundali Milan? What is Kundali Milan? Kundali Milan is a process of matching the horoscopes of the prospective bride…

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  • Volumizing Mascara

    5 Tips to Ensure the Perfect Volumizing Mascara Application

    Mascara is a big part of a makeup and beauty routine. It’s one of those finishing touches that can completely alter your look in the best way. Even if you’ve been using mascara for years, there are always more ways to perfect the application. These tips will ensure the rich, dark coating helps you look and feel like a glorious,…

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  • Tips for Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin, Including Acne Scar Gel

    If you’re frustrated with blemishes that won’t clear, old scars left by acne, or experience skin sensitivity on top of getting breakouts, don’t despair. You can be on your way to clearer skin with a bit of patience, great products, and advice from your dermatologist if needed. The following tips may help provide a framework for what to do if…

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  • 4 Skincare Products Every Clear Skin Routine Needs

    One of the most common skincare goals is clear skin. Against blemishes, patchiness, discoloration, and more, your skin can put up a serious fight. It’s a fight against the elements, pollution, oils, and even harmful bacteria. It’s one thing after the next. But you can give your skin the advantage and reach your skincare goal. It’s all about striking a…

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  • Nail Polishes

    The Upside to Being Selective—Nail Polishes Edition

    Being a little particular about your products isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually good. When it comes to nail care products, you want to be selective. Not all nail care products are created equal. Like all areas of the beauty industry, some brands hold higher standards than others. So, if you’re wondering why people look for vegan nail polishes without…

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