Clean smell at home: how to get it?

Having a clean-smelling house is essential to feel comfortable in our home,

Having a clean-smelling house is essential to feel comfortable in our home, especially now that we spend much more time indoors because of the confinement caused by Covid-19.

We usually do our best to clean our home to leave it in perfect condition. However, it is common that we leave out something as important as the aroma. If you want to get a clean smell at home, you should know that you only have to practice a few small gestures and use certain tools to create that fresh and ideal environment that you are longing for. Pay close attention to this post in which we present a series of recommendations on how to have a good-smelling house and get to breathe healthy and clean air throughout the year. You will feel like never!

 How to keep the house clean and smelling good

In order to have a house with a good smell and enjoy a more welcoming space, we must take care of different details that go beyond covering up unpleasant aromas. Here are some tips to maintain a clean smell for a long period

Ventilate the house

Ventilation is one of the most important actions to have in the house with a good aroma and, although it seems very obvious, we do not always put it into practice. Ten minutes with the windows open is enough time to renew the air in any room, creating a draft that ends the stuffy environment.

 Clean floors

Another very important measure to avoid bad odors at home is to clean the floors frequently with some type of disinfectant mixed with water. Of course, make sure that before you clean your mop, it is clean and in good condition. The same thing happens with the water we used to wash: it is calculated that for a surface of fifty m2 and a bucket of five liters, the water needs to be changed at least three times.

You should also not forget to clean the carpets, as they are prone to capture bad odors. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove much of the dirt and apply some type of product that eliminates bad odors on textiles.

 Use air fresheners

One of your greatest allies to make the house smell good is an air freshener. Place them near the windows and you ensure that the aroma they give off circulates throughout your house naturally every time you ventilate the room.

Try to avoid the use of chemical air fresheners as much as possible since, besides being more harmful to health, they consume energy when connected and are more polluting. Instead, you can use more natural alternatives such as lavender, rosemary, or citrus.

But if what you want is to have the house smelling good in a short space of time, you can boil a saucepan of water and add a few drops of essential oil. The aromas will quickly spread throughout your home, flavoring the environment in the blink of an eye. Fantastic!

 Pay attention to sources of bad odor

Not all rooms in the house are the same since there are certain spaces that are more likely to accumulate bad odors. That is why we tell you what you must consider: achieving a suitable environment in each of them.

 For the kitchen

Without a doubt, the kitchen is one of the most critical points if we want to keep the house smelling good. It is a place where many types of aromas come together and that is why we must pay special attention to it. These are some measures that you should not forget to put into practice:

  • Make sure you keep your kitchen sink and plumbing in good repair. It is good that you get used to washing the dishes and cutlery after eating, as this way they do not accumulate in the sink giving off aromas. In addition, apply a pipe cleaning product to prevent them from getting clogged with possible food debris and dirt, which can cause serious odor problems in the house.

 If we are used to using a dishwasher, we must rinse the dishes well before putting them into operation. If we still perceive bad odors, a good practice is to carry out a vacuum wash.

  • Keep the fridge tidy, paying special attention to fresh products, as they are the first to go bad and give off a bad smell. You can use specific air fresheners for refrigerators, which absorb most odors. We also recommended that you carry out a thorough cleaning every three months. To do this, empty the fridge and clean the shelves, shelves, drawers, and door gaskets with a specific cleaning product. 
  • In the pantry, store food in separate containers to prevent odors from mixing. Do not forget to regularly clean the shelves.
  • Take the rubbish out daily and give the bin a deep wash at least once a week.

 for bathrooms

The other space in the house in which we must pay special attention if we want to have a clean smell at home is the bathroom. Part of the blame is because of the accumulation of humidity, since we are facing an area in which ventilation is less if we lack windows. Here are our recommendations to avoid bad odors in the bathroom :

  • Before you store your towels, make sure they are completely dry so they have a musty smell. Every time you get out of the shower, we recommend you spread them out near a window.
  • Place some type of natural air freshener to aromatize the bathroom. There are even those who dare to light aromatic candles when they go to take a relaxing bath.
  • If we have been a while without using a bathroom, maybe the pipes give off an unpleasant smell. In that case, let the water run for a while and use some kind of specialized pipe cleaner. 
  • It is important that you clean the drain of the bathtub or shower once a week since it is a place where hair fibers accumulate and can completely clog it.

Follow these tips and get a clean smell at home to feel comfortable during this quarantine. Do not forget to put them into practice and you will see the results in a short space of time. We want to know the results, let us know by contacting us 

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