Gym cleaning: how to do it correctly

Gyms are places where a high number of people pass through on a daily basis, and keeping them clean is a complicated task but closely related to the proper functioning of the business.

Gyms are places where a high number of people pass through daily, and keeping them clean is a complicated task but closely related to the proper functioning of the business.

Now that the return to these exercise centers is already a reality, it is important that they always remain clean to minimize the risk of contagion. Therefore, a correct and thorough and professional cleaning of the gym is vital so that they can continue carrying out their activity within this new normality. Let’s see how you can do it.

 Why is gym cleaning important?

In these times, we have described gyms as one place where there is the greatest risk of contagion of coronavirus. Why? Well, because they are closed spaces in which the humid and warm air combined with the airflow caused by exercise can create an environment in which the virus lasts longer in the air. Therefore, it is vitally important to keep the space well ventilated.

Given the type of activities that are carried out in these facilities, their cleanliness lies in the need to achieve a healthy and hygienic environment for all the people who are going to use it. We can also find economic reasons to argue for the importance of professional gym cleaning.

Before starting, it is important to determine the frequency to clean, which will be linked to the number of people who pass through the establishment per day. The more people use it, the more time cleaning will have to be carried out. Below, we tell you how often we should disinfect each room. 

 How to disinfect the gym?

There have been many establishments that have established their own gym cleaning and disinfection protocol, in which we find measures such as the reduction of capacity or the installation of minimum distance marks in group classes. Regardless of the protocol itself, we are going to differentiate between different areas in which it is important to carry out more thorough cleaning.

 Cleaning of machine rooms or activities

When we talk about these areas, we refer to those in which we performed the different exercises, either in a directed class or with the use of the machine room. An easy and good idea to keep the environment fresh is cleaning with ozone, which we tell you all about in this post. In the directed classes, all the materials that are going to be used (mats, weights, balls…) must be disinfected after being used, but we must properly clean the floor since they perform many of the exercises on it.

Cleaning gym machines is of great importance since people are constantly passing through them. After use, each machine should be disinfected, and we should also maintain separation between each of the individual machines.  For the disinfection of the machines and utensils of the classes, we must use a disinfectant product that is not as aggressive as bleach or ammonia, since these two could cause some type of damage to the skin of the users.

 Changing room cleaning 

The changing rooms are a meeting point for users who have just arrived at the center. Others who are going to leave, and those who are in the middle of these two actions, carrying traces of sweat or body dirt. All this makes it vitally important to disinfect locker rooms for proper gym cleaning. In addition, inside the locker room, we usually find bathrooms and showers, areas that stand out. Especially for their need to always be clean, so cleaning must be complete and very thorough. 

We cannot forget the lockers, another source of contagion. Shifts or traffic lights can be an important strategy so that users know when they can or cannot access them. To clean, a good idea is to dust them with a damp cloth and disinfect them using an optimal product.

 Cleaning of common areas 

In common areas, we refer to all those in which, inevitably, several users coincide. Like reception, corridors, and access to the different rooms of the center. Establish one measure that has been the mandatory use of our new faithful companion, the mask. 

As for its cleaning, it is important to keep the floor free of dust and superficial dirt. Everything that has a high contact, such as doorknobs, needs thorough disinfection. Put all these tips into practice and you will maintain correct gym cleanliness, get greater user satisfaction, and better business results. If despite this, you still need help, contact us with no commitment.

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