How to: Commercial Carpets Cleaning

Carpet is a perfectly healthy floor covering, suitable for businesses, offices and professional spaces. It must be regularly maintained.

In an office or any professional space, flooring provides a feel that reflects the quality of the business. Carpet is a perfectly healthy floor covering, suitable for businesses, offices, and professional spaces. It must be regularly maintained. Carpet Cleaning, a company specializing in carpet cleaning ,. uses innovative ecological methods.

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Our company offers professional carpet cleaning in companies with processes that adapt to your floors. Steam cleaning with ecological products gives you back the use of your floors as soon as the intervention is finished. Our company, dedicated to carpet cleaning, intervenes as soon as possible.

 In 5 simple steps, learn how to clean carpets

Carpets are very common flooring types in common areas of apartment buildings or offices. Carpet cleaning is therefore a crucial step in floor maintenance to obtain optimal maintenance for your commercial or residential building. It is therefore also very important to understand the different techniques appropriate for the different types of fibers and the weaving methods of your carpets in order to prolong their life. Here are the 5 key methods to remember to know how to wash a carpet as efficiently as possible.

1–Containment of dirt

Prevent dirt from entering your home by using special mats at building entrances.

2–Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum regularly to remove any dry debris from the carpet. Choosing the type of vacuum cleaner to use depends on the size of your workspace and how difficult it is to keep it clean. A backpack vacuum is one type of vacuum that can simplify the job and make it more efficient.

3–Stain removal

Remove visible stains from your carpet using the usual professional techniques and remember to test each new cleaning product before using. 

4–Periodic cleaning

Follow a regular carpet maintenance program to enhance the appearance of the carpets in your offices. Being consistent is key to making sure your carpets are clean. Indeed, with a regular carpet maintenance program, dirt is less likely to accumulate. Your carpets will therefore have a better appearance and their useful life will be extended.

5 – Catering

Thoroughly clean with powerful machines to remove caked-on residue and deep soiling that mar the high-traffic areas of your workplace.

Circle of vice is a term commonly used to describe the parameters that influence the outcome of industrial carpet cleaning.

  • Physico-chemical water conditions such as pH, temperature, presence of minerals, and alkalinity influence the behavior of detergents and disinfectants and cleaning results;
  • The mechanical action of friction, which mixes the fibers of the carpet, picks up encrusted stains, and eliminates micro-organisms;
  • The chemical action for which the choice of cleaning method and product depends on the ground cover
  • Contact time is the time required for a disinfectant to inactivate an organism or for a detergent to suspend impurities.

With carpet cleaning, we used steam cleaning rather than cold water. As a result, particles are dislodged, and we dislodged bacteria, which causes unpleasant odors and health risks.

These basic principles and professional carpet cleaning techniques are the same regardless of the materials used and the type or technique of floor covering used. Regular maintenance of your welcome mats guarantees a better working environment: healthier, with fewer fine particles in the air and fewer bacteria breathed in throughout the day. This allows you to increase significantly the life of these surfaces.

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