How to disinfect the house from viruses to avoid contagion

We have had no choice but to arm ourselves with patience to cope in the best possible way with the situation we are experiencing because of the isolation caused by the coronavirus.

During the last weeks, we have had no choice but to arm ourselves with patience to cope in the best possible way with the situation we are experiencing because of the isolation caused by the coronavirus. However, we must not forget that this pandemic forces us to be very careful with home hygiene in order to control and stop its expansion, so it is not enough to just wash our hands well(House disinfection).

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This has become the ideal time for you to get down to work and decide to do a general cleaning of the house, disinfecting all those corners that you have neglected on over one occasion. And it is that we are facing a highly contagious virus, so any preventive measure that we carry out is little. 

But as for everything in this life, if we want to effectively disinfect the house from viruses and bacteria, it is necessary to follow a series of guidelines so that the result is as expected. If you want to know what they are, keep reading what comes next(House disinfection).

 Clean and disinfect the house in a correct way

Before you start, you must have one thing clear: cleaning is not the same as disinfecting the house from viruses. When we want to clean a surface, we just use soap and water or remove the dust to remove most of the dirt. This is different when we want to disinfect the house since in this case, we have to use cleaning solutions through which we will kill bacteria and germs. As a general rule, the ideal is to carry out a general cleaning at first and then disinfect with a chemical agent such as disinfectant alcohol or bleach without detergent.

 How to thoroughly disinfect your home

It is very important to remember that during the entire process of cleaning and disinfecting the house; it is essential that you use gloves and a mask since you will come into contact with different chemical products.

Once we have all the material, it is time to disinfect every corner of the home. But you should know that you should not act in the same way in all areas of the home. That’s why we tell you the procedure that you have to carry out in each of them(House disinfection).

 Disinfection of bathrooms and kitchen

If we talk about how to disinfect the house effectively, two places immediately come to mind to which we must pay special attention: the bathrooms and the kitchen. They are the main sources of infection in homes and that is why you have to be very careful in disinfecting them. 

Use bleach and ammonia to thoroughly clean all elements, especially those with which you have direct contact: taps, sinks, appliances, showers, and radiators. With cabinets, you must be careful, emptying all the drawers completely and using a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside. Then spray the interior and doors with a disinfectant spray.

 Sofas and household linen

The sofa is another critical point of infection in a home, especially if we have pets at home. If it has a cover, you must remove it and put it in the washing machine. If it is a leather sofa, then use a cloth sprayed with a special upholstery product.

As for the rest of the home, textiles such as curtains, pillowcases, blankets, or bath towels we should disinfect them in the washing machine. To do this, it is best to add a little bleach to the laundry, white or colored.


Many times, we clean windows only on the inside, but we must not forget that it is also important to ensure that germs and bacteria do not accumulate on the outside. A good solution is to use some type of product specialized in this type of cleaning since they usually have a great disinfecting and decreasing power.

Another thing you should keep in mind when you go to clean the window frames is to avoid using scouring pads or dry clothes if you make them of PVC, since you risk scratching them. It will be enough for you to use a cloth moistened with detergent(House disinfection).

Other household items

When we think of all the places to pay attention to when disinfecting the house, we often forget that certain surfaces such as doorknobs, mobile phones, or tablets are the most likely to carry some type of virus or bacteria and become hotbeds. of contagion. That is why it is essential to constantly disinfect these elements by using ammonia or alcohol.

 Avoid contagion before entering the house

Now that you know how to disinfect your home to prevent the spread of the virus, you need to keep in mind certain preventive measures that are very interesting to minimize the risk of contagion. Every time we come in from the street and have to go into the house because we have had to go to work or go shopping, we must avoid touching common areas: railings, lift doors, mailboxes, doorknobs…

Always have a disinfectant gel close to you, so you can use it just before entering the house. Once inside, the first thing you should do is wash your hands thoroughly. In addition, another good practice is to take off the shoes that you had on the street and use ones that you only use at home.

When house hygiene is so important, we can’t think of a better situation to disinfect your house from viruses and bacteria. By putting into practice all the recommendations that we have given you, you will minimize the chances of contagion in your home. Don’t forget, stay home!

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