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What is Gaj? How Many Square Feet is in 1 Gaj?

Land measurement units vary locally in almost every Indian state, and Gaj is one of the prominent ones. Since this is predominantly used locally, one should know the process of converting square feet to Gaj and vice versa to find a standard measurement of a property.

Finding this benchmark value is vital while buying or selling a property as it helps to understand its valuation better, and stay aligned with the requirements of a lender if needed.

Nonetheless, before learning about this conversion, one should familiarise him/herself with the concept of Gaj.

What is Gaj? 

Gaj or Mughal yard is a unit of measurement that is used in many Indian states and is similar to English yard. The value of Gaj has ranged between 24 to 41 inches. Technically, 1 square Gaj = 8.91 sq. ft. 

Relation between Gaj and Square feet 

There shouldn’t be any confusion in understanding the relationship between square feet and Gaj. As mentioned above, one Gaj equals about 9 square feet

Usually, 1 square feet = length (in feet) x width (in feet)

Also, when dealing with square feet, remember the following points 

  • Square feet is the area of a square with sides measuring 1 foot 
  • 1 sq. ft is 144 sq. inches

Understanding this equation will help individuals with the conversion of these two measuring units with ease. Therefore, keep these values in mind when converting land area for deriving the market value of a property. 

Formula for converting Gaj to square feet 

Using the online conversion calculator, individuals no longer need to apply the following complex formula to find out sq ft to Gaj

  • 1 square Gaj = 8.91 square feet 

Therefore, 5 Gaj will be –

  • Square feet = 5X8.91 = 44.55

The first thing you need to know about a loan against property is land measurements. Therefore, submit a loan against property application by determining land area with just a few clicks using online square feet to Gaj calculator.   

How to use square feet to Gaj calculator? 

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of using an online calculator to convert square feet to Gaj

Step 1: Select a reliable square foot to Gaj conversion calculator

Step 2: Select the units you want to convert using the “from convert” dropdown menu

Step 3: Then select units you want to convert the existing unit to on the “to convert” dropdown menu

Step 4: Enter property area in the “from convert” space

Step 5: The calculator will display the required result

To apply for a loan against property, an applicant should provide information on the exact measurements of a property in a unit accepted by lenders. For this purpose, an online conversion calculator can be a useful tool. 

Benefits of using a square foot to Gaj conversion calculator 

Some of the advantages that come with using conversion calculators are listed here. 

  • Requires less time for converting square feet to Gaj 
  • Applicants can draw accurate measurements using the online conversion calculator
  • Determine the value of a property as per the current market rates using the calculator
  • Find out the amount of loan to apply for when placing a plot of land as collateral

However, individuals residing in different parts of India who still use Gaj as a common unit of land measurement can use the online area conversion calculator to find it in the unit their lender will accept when they apply for a loan against property. 

To facilitate this application process further, the applicant can opt for lenders extending pre-approved offers. These offers are available on different secured and unsecured financial products. So, to check your pre-approved offers, enter your name and credit card details. 

After attaining land measurements using square feet to Gaj conversion calculator, individuals must compare interest rates and additional benefits offered by different financial institutions. They should also assess their repayment capacity and accordingly select a tenor for loan against property. 

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