QuickBooks Invoices Not Being Received?

Sending invoices is one of the crucial business operations of a successful organization. Not delivering the invoices to the client properly might hamper productivity. That is why most of the business owners are opting for QuickBooks applications. This application allows users to share the invoices correctly. But, sometimes, users face a few issues while forwarding invoices, and even clients do not get them most of the time. Therefore, fixing these QuickBooks invoices not being received issue is pivotal.

To resolve this problem, you must understand some causes to find practical solutions, which we will investigate in this article.

QuickBooks Invoices Not Being Received: A Brief Description

Most QuickBooks users face issues receiving QuickBooks invoices while forwarding invoices or statements to their clients. Generally, users encountered issues while sharing invoices through QuickBooks, even clients who did not receive invoices in some situations. Also, some service providers, like Outlook, might deal with issues.

Reasons Why Clients Do Not Receive Invoices Through QuickBooks

If you want to share invoices and hope that customers get them instantly, you must understand which factors prevent QuickBooks from sharing and receiving invoices properly. Also, knowing the reasons behind this issue might help you detect helpful solutions to avoid this situation. Here are some of the causes that you are required to be aware of:

  1. Sometimes, blocked domains might be a reason why customers are not getting invoices.
  2. If you have the wrong email preferences, then it is possible you will encounter some issues while forwarding invoices, and sometimes clients will not get invoices on time.
  3. Damaging the QuickBooks installation is one of the primary reasons that customers sometimes do not access their invoices.
  4. Also, damaging the MAPI32.dll file is responsible for users commonly facing problems when sharing invoices.
  5. Opting for incorrect methods of Microsoft Outlook can lead to QuickBooks invoices not being received issue.

Indications of Client Not Getting Invoices in QuickBooks

When QuickBooks does not send invoices, or customers do not receive them, some issues are struck in your software. Hence, searching for the following symptoms:.

  1. The system will automatically close.
  2. Also, the QuickBooks application would not start after shut down.
  3. The computer’s display will not respond and freeze.
  4. The QuickBooks software hang does not react to your enter command.

Effortless Methods to Fix If QuickBooks Invoices Not Being Received

Here are some troubleshooting methods you must use if your clients do not get invoices after sending them.

As a QuickBooks user, you want to update QuickBooks Desktop to operate the latest version so that you can forward invoices. However, you are getting an error notification before you start your work. To remove this message, you can follow the simple steps:

  1. First, enter the Update to the Latest Release page.
  2. Then, you have to verify that you selected your product. If not, then Change the link and choose your QuickBooks product.
  3. Now, go to the Update option and press it to download the update file.
  4. Next, click on Setup Automatic Updates to understand how to set QuickBooks to download and install recent updates automatically.

Then, confirm setting up your email in QuickBooks Desktop.

If you are unable to deliver emails or invoices to Outlook, then it is simple to resolve it by opting for some helpful solutions.

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How to Resolve If QuickBooks Unable to Share Invoices to Outlook

If you get any error notifications, it might be the setting problem. You can follow the methods so you can forward emails from QuickBooks.

●     Change your admin privileges

You must confirm that QuickBooks is not automatically set to operate as an administrator.

  1. First, shut down QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Then, choose the Start menu of the Windows
  3. Now, in the search bar, type QuickBooks and right-click QuickBooks to choose Open file location.
  4. Right-click on the QuickBooks.exe file and choose Properties in the folder.
  5. Next, choose the Compatibility tab.
  6. After that, remove the Run this program as Administrator option. If the option is grayed out, go to the Show Setting for all users.
  7. Lastly, Apply and then OK.

●     Modify your email preferences in QuickBooks

  1. First, you must enter the Edit option and choose Preferences. Then, you must open and sign in to Outlook if you apply Microsoft Outlook with the Microsoft Exchange server.
  2. Next, press the Send Forms, and then choose My Preferences.
  3. Now, enter Outlook as your email option and go to OK.

If you still see an issue, you can forward emails from QuickBooks and then change your preferences.

  1. You can start by choosing the Edit menu and then Preferences.
  2. Go to the Send Forms and press My Preferences.
  3. Click on the QuickBooks E-mail or Webmail and then choose OK.
  4. Repeat the process, return to the My Preferences tab, click Outlook, and press OK.
  5. Next, shut down QuickBooks and all other open programs.
  6. Lastly, start your computer again.

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●     Inspect your Internet Explorer email preferences

QuickBooks optimizes Internet Explorer to operate web services in the background. You are required to reset your email preferences there.

  1. First, shut down QuickBooks.
  2. Then, go to Interner Explorer and open it.
  3. Now, click on Tools and then the Setting menu and press the Internet option.
  4. Next, go to the Program tab and press Set Program.
  5. After that, choose Set your default programs, then choose the email services you would like to use.
  6. Next, choose Apply and then OK.
  7. Lastly, close Internet Explorer if it’s open.

●     Fix your MAPI32.dll

This procedure can be challenging if you are an average computer user. However, if you have been using QuickBooks for a while or are tech-savvy, you should follow the steps. Otherwise, contact an IT expert for help.

First, operate this test to compress down the issue:

  1. First, restart your system.
  2. Then, open Microsoft Word and make a new report.
  3. Next, choose the File menu and go to Send, then Email as PDF Attachment.

If you can forward an email from Microsoft Word but not in QuickBooks, then follow the procedure to fix your MAPI32.dll:

  1. First, shut down all open programs.
  2. Now, open the Starts menu of the Windows
  3. Then, in the search bar, type File Explorer and open it.
  4. Next, again, type C:\Windows\System32 into the search.
  5. Search and open Fixmapi.exe. and follow the on-screen guidelines to operate the repair.
  6. Lastly, restart your system after fix.

Bottom Line!

Delivering invoices to the client is the most essential thing for an organization. However, if you are not sending invoices, it will hinder your core business operations. Here, the QuickBooks application can help you with that, but sometimes clients do not get their invoices, known as the issue of the QuickBooks invoices not being received. However, you can fix this by implementing valuable solutions, which we have explained in this article.

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