QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly| Learn How to Fix this Error

Sometimes when using QuickBooks, a user comes across an error message that says that “QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly”. This error usually occurs when trying to move QuickBooks Desktop from one SSD to another. While a standard error, it can cause a loss of data, and thus it is important to resolve the error. This article covers some reasons behind the error and a few ways how to troubleshoot the error.

If you want to avail yourself of professional help with this error, you can contact our support team at 1-855-948-3646.

Reasons behind QuickBooks Desktop Migration Has Failed Unexpectedly

Before one can troubleshoot an error, it is important to know what caused the error to occur in the first place. This helps the user avoid repeating the error in the future. A few reasons QuickBooks Desktop Migration has failed unexpectedly shows up are-

  1. Your Migrator Tool is not working
  2. You have not updated to the latest version of Windows

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Troubleshooting QuickBooks Desktop Migration has failed unexpectedly

This section covers a few ways a user can resolve this error. We recommend that you follow these steps judiciously to avoid any loss of time or data.

Solution One- Update your Windows to the latest version

Updating your Windows to the latest version, isolated this error, and thereby allows one to resolve it easily. Here are the steps on how to update your Windows to the latest version-

  1. Begin by clicking on the Start tab.
  2. From the menu, you should select settings.
  3. Now, you should look for Windows Update.
  4. Once found, click on Windows Update.
  5. Re-open QuickBooks Desktop and try the migration process again.

If the error persists, it might be better to manually move your QuickBooks Desktop to another SSD. To learn how to do so, proceed to solution two.

Solution Two- Manually move your QuickBooks Desktop to a new SSD

Manually shifting your QuickBooks Desktop to a new SSD is one way around the QuickBooks Desktop Migration Failed Unexpectedly error, as moving the file manually does not require the use of the migration tool. Given below are the steps on how one can manually move their QuickBooks Desktop from one SSD to another-

  1. Begin by installing your QuickBooks Desktop software on the new computer you wish to move your QuickBooks to.
  2. Create a backup of your company file using the following steps-
    • Begin by switching to Single-user Mode.
    • Go to the File menu on QuickBooks Desktop and hover over Back up Company.
    • Next, you should choose Create Local Backup.
    • You should select Local Backup and then Next.
    • In the Local Backup Only section, select Browse and select which folder you want to save your backup company file in
    • Choose OK.
    • You should then select Save it now.
    • Click on Next.
  3. Restore the backup file on the new computer.
  4. Follow this by downloading the latest tax tables on your new computer.

If the QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error persists after following both solutions given above, you might benefit from professional help. For professional help, you can reach out to our support team at 1-855-948-3646.

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