Outstanding Small Business Ideas For 2022

Flyering Agency

Flyering and numerous other offline marketing strategies continue to be just as effective as digital alternatives despite the rise of online marketing (both in terms of cost and ROI). Particularly flyering is an excellent way for companies to quickly reach large numbers of potential customers, whether by having people hand out flyers on the high street or by focusing on residential areas (this is quite common in the food delivery business).

You’ll need a low-cost, high-quality printer, printing supplies (paper, card, ink, etc.), a basic to good level of graphic design proficiency for creating flyers, as well as contractors to deliver large quantities of flyers, in order to launch a flyering agency (students are a good bet this kind of work as they generally need flexible hours). You can start this business from your home and market it by handing out flyers to nearby businesses (as a demonstration of how effective it can be).

You can also promote your business using content marketing by videos or writing articles. For writing article content you can use ai writing tools to simplify the whole process.

There is always a need for people to distribute flyers in public spaces or through letterbox drops. Many reputable flyering companies charge exorbitant rates for this straightforward marketing strategy; undercut them and you’ll attract a lot of business (it comes a lot down to price in the flyering game).


When it comes to printing large quantities of printed materials (business cards, leaflets, posters), using home or standard business printers is frequently expensive, of poor quality, and slow. Commercial printers enable people and companies to order printing in bulk at high quality, effective, and affordable prices because of this.

You’ll need a printing area and experience using a commercial printer if you want to start a printing business. You can operate this business from home if you deliver printing to clients directly, but if you want a location where you can meet clients, you’ll need a storefront or office with a receptionist.

Local small businesses are the ideal audience for marketing this company because they frequently have ongoing needs for commercial printing throughout the year. You’re going to need a good eCommerce platform, order management system, and payment gateways set up if you want to grow and target the larger UK market.

Aside from the initial investment, running a printing business is very inexpensive; the main expenses are the maintenance costs of the equipment, the cost of the ink you use, and other printing supplies.

A design firm

Finding talented designers is among the most difficult tasks in the business world. At my previous startup, we went through about five design teams before we found someone amazing. Get a Behance profile, start bragging about how awesome you are, and start getting requests if you have a knack for web or marketing design.

You’ll need a strong portfolio in place before you can launch a design agency, and you should probably incorporate as well. You’ll also need a gorgeous website and a design focus (unless you want to run a full-service design firm that handles UX, UI, app design, web design, marketing materials, and branded stationary). Additionally, you’ll need to develop a pitch, briefs, and standardised reports as well as a sales pipeline management system.

There is a high demand for design work as the majority of small to medium businesses don’t have in-house design teams. To market this business initially, you can directly contact local businesses via phone, post, or telephone and offer your services. Additionally, you should list your company on Google, Bing, and all the other major listing sites in addition to using local PPC.

Refinishing furniture

Even when it is worn, many people find it difficult to part with old furniture, especially if it is a pricey sofa or armchair. This issue is resolved by furniture refinishers who replace fabrics, repair damaged legs, and generally give furniture a new lease on life.

You’ll need knowledge of carpentry, fabrics, interior design, and access to a workshop with a wide variety of tools if you want to start a business refinishing furniture. Since search engines and online directories are the main ways that people find furniture refinishers, it is worthwhile to invest in a website from the start.

To ensure that your ranking for relevant keywords, you should concentrate on local search advertising and content marketing when marketing this business (i.e. furniture refinishing London).

Training Company

You can offer offline and online training to businesses whose staff needs training or development if you have in-depth knowledge of the subject. Businesses in the UK spend close to £3 billion annually on training. This is so that employees can become productive workers and stay that way.

You must choose a training specialisation (such as sales, marketing, or finance), create a brand and website, and establish standard training programmes (that can be customised to client needs) before you can start a training business. Additionally, you must develop learning materials to go along with your programmes. If you want to build a digital course, you must structure it and produce video versions of your programmes (Linda, an online training company, was acquired by Linked for over £1 billion).

Your level of expertise and capacity to attract clients will determine the success of your training business (this business idea effectively requires HR mixed in with business development). In order to market, you should first determine which businesses need your training services (for example, a telecom company needs sales training to boost revenue), then determine which decision-makers (HR and other Directors) in these organisations you should approach and promote your training initiatives to.

Long-term training businesses rely heavily on repeat business and recurring clients for growth, so be sure the training value you provide goes above and beyond expectations. You could also create your own learning platform and charge for access to your training programmes in order to further diversify your revenue streams and expand.

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