Business Concepts For 2022

A delivery service (Man With A Van)

The traditional “guy with a van” situation. The need to transport items from point A to point B is consistent and constant. The amount of heavier shipments and items requiring individual delivery or courier services has drastically increased, especially with the growth of eCommerce.

A large multipurpose vehicle and a valid driver’s licence are required to launch a delivery business (i.e. Van or Truck). To secure and shield more fragile goods from damage while in transit, you’ll also need straps and sheets. Reach out to nearby companies who sell tangible goods and require delivery services in order to market your new enterprise. Find out how much they are currently paying for these services and undercut them. As a subcontractor for FLEX, you may also perform deliveries for businesses like Amazon if you want to get started on a smaller scale. Additionally, it is worthwhile to advertise your delivery services on Gumtree and to contact eBay sellers who are selling larger products.

Vacuuming carpets

Every few years, carpets and rugs get too dirty to be cleaned effectively with a good vacuum; at this point, a professional carpet cleaning service is required. Although individuals can hire a carpet cleaner to complete the task themselves, the majority choose the assistance of a professional carpet cleaning company.

Although starting a carpet cleaning business is reasonably simple, the startup expenditures for the equipment are more than for the majority of the other small business ideas. On a regular basis, you’ll require a variety of carpet cleaning tools and substances (though you can find decent second-hand equipment on Ebay).

The domestic market (private homeowners or renters) is by far the largest market for a carpet cleaning business, but you can also target companies if you’re looking for potential consumers.

Walking a dog

Dogs require a lot of daily activity to stay happy and healthy. Everyone loves dogs, but most of us don’t have the time or energy to take our pets for a walk after a long day at work.

You’ll need a master harness, knowledge of dog behaviour and training, and strong physical health to launch a dog walking business (for multiple dogs). Depending on the area you’re in, a dog walking licence may also be required. You can advertise on websites like Gumtree or sign up as a provider on websites like BorrowMyDoggy (yeah, it’s real) to market your dog walking services.

Writer of CVs and cover letters

For the majority of individuals, finding a work is crucial to living, but it can be very challenging. The majority of people don’t know how to compose and format their CV/cover letter, which makes it much more challenging. Even individuals who feel confident in their ability to produce a CV will frequently ask for a second perspective and criticism to increase their chances of landing that crucial job interview.

As a result, there is an increasing need for skilled writers who understand how to draught, organise, and improve cover letters and resumes. You’ll need a foundation in business English, flawless grammar and spelling, and an understanding of what firm recruiters are searching for in order to get started. As you can work from home and just really need basic word processing and editing software (although some design knowledge and software will help as there is a visual element to this function), the initial costs for this business idea are reasonably minimal.

You can also promote your service using whiteboard animation videos on Youtube. For making videos on Youtube you could use simple whiteboard animation softwares like DoodleMaker or Doodly along with voiceover using speech to text softwares.

Since this information is private, it might be challenging to identify or reach the right people while they are looking for positions. This makes marketing for this business a little challenging. The greatest ways to promote yourself would be to attend local professional networking events and market your CV writing services to colleges and universities.

Private Detective

Become Sherlock Holmes and make a living by solving crimes. The truth is a little less thrilling, but there is a market for private investigators in the UK, who frequently handle spousal disputes, locate the missing, and occasionally look into murders.

You must have a licence and typically have expertise or a background in law enforcement in order to work as a private investigator. This is mostly a service-based business concept with low initial startup costs (you may need some equipment for sound recording, video and photography). Although this service can be started from home, it may be preferable to have an office where clients can meet with you to discuss their private investigation needs.

You should create a website, put yourself in local directories, and spend time engaging in digital marketing to promote your services (either PPC or content marketing). On the strength of recommendations and word of mouth, this company also grows swiftly. As your organisation grows, you can approach major corporations and conduct corporate investigative work, which includes complete background checks on workers.

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