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    Outstanding Small Business Ideas For 2022

    Flyering Agency Flyering and numerous other offline marketing strategies continue to be just as effective as digital alternatives despite the rise of online marketing (both in terms of cost and ROI). Particularly flyering is an excellent way for companies to quickly reach large numbers of potential customers, whether by having people hand out flyers on the high street or by…

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    Business Concepts For 2022

    A delivery service (Man With A Van) The traditional “guy with a van” situation. The need to transport items from point A to point B is consistent and constant. The amount of heavier shipments and items requiring individual delivery or courier services has drastically increased, especially with the growth of eCommerce. A large multipurpose vehicle and a valid driver’s licence…

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    Best Small Business proposals for 2022

    48. House Sitting When the owners are away on vacation, at work, or the property is owned but unoccupied, you live in and take care of the property on their behalf (i.e. in-between tenants). The main benefits of house sitting include the assurance that the home will be well-maintained and secure (against burglars and squatters). As more people have accumulated…

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    6 Best Small Business Ideas To Start In 2022

    Have you been looking for different small business ideas to try out in 2022? You’re in luck because we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 6 small business ideas worth pursuing. There are huge benefits to starting a business. You take control over your time, have the opportunity to do something you truly enjoy, and, most importantly, increase your earning…

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