Knowing Quickbooks Condense Data Utility Tool better!

How can you use QuickBooks Condense Data Utility for Mac Company File?

Quickbooks is one of the most used accounting software across the world. Many business users use this software to streamline and ease their accounting work. If you have been using Quickbooks for some time; you might have already understood the fact that “Company Files” are the most important things of your software. It contains all the critical and sensitive data about your company, clients, and even bank credentials. Quickbooks Condense Data Utility Tool is one of the functions that a person can use. Let’s have a look at what exactly this is and its other aspects.

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Understanding Quickbooks Condense Data Utility Tool

The Quickbooks Condense Data Utility Tool is one way or function that helps in streamlining the data files of your company. People who have been using Quickbooks for 5 years or more have enormous size data. And this takes up space and time to look for something when required. The condense data utility of Quickbooks is a way that can help in shrinking the used space. Meanwhile this also helps in restoring your device’s efficiency to its full potential.

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Why is Quickbooks Condense Data Utility Tool important and useful?

What makes Quickbooks condense data utility tool useful is its ability to free up your computer’s space and boost up its  productivity. It actually compresses the size of large files by saving an archive copy while removing the old closed transactions and summaries. This is one of the major reasons why this is used but not the only one. Here are some common reasons why people use condense data utility in Quickbooks.

  • If you are importing the entire company file to Quickbooks online from Quickbooks desktop.
  • When and if you are closing in to a list limit.
  • This feature is also helpful and used when you have upgraded your hardware.
  • Lastly, when your tech and accounts teams have decided on deleting the past transactions to condense the company file.
  • If you are facing a processing problem in your device due to large file sizes.

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What are the best ways of using Quickbooks Condense Data Utility?

Note: If you have Quickbooks Desktop of 2018 or earlier; you will have to find and check the transactions in your company profile that won’t condense. This is important because every non-condensable transaction generates a link. Now, there are a few steps that will help in running the report that comes to your screen. Here is what you will have to do:

  • Navigate to the “File” menu and then click on “Utilities”. And from there click on “Condense Data.”
  • Click on “Transactions before a specific date” from the window wizard and then punch the appropriate date.
  • Click on the checkbox with the label: “Optional: Create a report showing which transactions cannot be removed.”
  • Post then, click on “Next” and then select the “Summarise inventory transactions (recommended)” option, displayed on your screen.
  • Choose the way of condensing your inventory and select “Next.”
  • Then choose all the groups of transactions you want to remove and select “Next.”
  • After this, click on “Begin Condense.” This will not condense your report but only run it. 

Note: When your report will populate, you will have to fix each and every transaction.


The Quickbooks Condense Data Utility Tool is a very helpful and a convenient way of keeping all the past records without actually using up the space of Quickbooks Desktop and your device. 

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