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9 Most Beautiful and Creative Baby Shower Cake Design Ideas

Baby showers are one of the biggest occasions in the lives of new parents. From picking out the perfect color palette for the baby’s room, to choosing the perfect cake design, to helping the mom-to-be plan the party, there is so much preparation that goes into the big day.

While a traditional shower may be the classic way to celebrate, some parents have decided to go a little off-beat and incorporate fun themes into their baby shower celebrations. But overall to celebrate this joyful occasion, a beautiful baby shower cake is essential. Here are some of the best baby shower cake ideas that you can incorporate into your own baby shower celebration.

1. Baby Footprint Cake design

This baby footprint cake design is perfect for a baby shower celebration. The cake is made to look like a footprint with the baby’s name in the middle. The cake is covered in edible glitter and frosting. The design of this cake is very cute and it will be sure to bring a smile to the face of any new mom and make a celebration one to remember.

2. Rainbow Cake design

Rainbow cake is one of the most popular and a fun baby shower cake design. The cake is made of a white cake with a layer of colored frosting and then the cake is  decorated with colorful sprinkles, which are the perfect finishing touch to the cake. This cake can be made in a variety of different colors, including pink, blue, green, and yellow. Because the base of the cake is made of a white cake, the colors will be more vibrant and it will look more like a rainbow.

3. A Mermaid Cake

If you want to celebrate the ocean and the sea life, a mermaid baby shower cake design is the way to go. It features a cute mermaid sitting on a fish. The cake is made with a blue and white color scheme, with a blue cake base and white icing. The cake is topped with a blue ribbon and a cute starfish. The starfish is the perfect addition to the mermaid cake design.

4. Unicorn Cake design

This is a cute baby shower cake design that is sure to be a hit with the guests. The cake is decorated with a pink and purple color scheme with a baby unicorn with a bow in its horn and a rainbow of colors.The baby unicorn is holding a bow and arrow in its hand and a pink and purple bow is tied to the unicorn’s horn. This is a cute way to celebrate the arrival of a baby girl.

5. Teddy bear Cake  Design

A teddy bear cake is a fun and cute baby shower cake design that is sure to make any mom-to-be smile. The cake is decorated with a cute teddy bear that is made of fondant. The bear is sitting on a bed of fondant flowers and is surrounded by a teddy bear cake topper.

6. Gender revealing cake design

This cake is a perfect example of a gender revealing cake. The cake is decorated with pink and blue fondant and the baby’s gender is revealed by the color of the fondant . This is a great idea for a gender revealing baby shower.

7. Baby in a balloon cake design

If you are looking for a cake design that is simple yet elegant, then this is the perfect cake design for you. This baby shower cake design features a baby in a balloon, which is a popular theme for baby showers. The baby is wrapped in a colorful balloon and is sitting on a colorful cloud. The cloud is covered in confetti and the balloon is tied to a star. The cake is decorated with colorful balloons and confetti.

8. Pastel Color Cake design

This is a beautiful cake design that is perfectly goes with your for a baby shower theme party. The cake is made of a white cake and is covered in a pastel color scheme. It is then decorated with pastel sprinkles and the baby’s name is written in the middle of the cake. It’s the perfect baby shower cake design that is not too extravagant and not too plain.

9. Nappy Bag cake design

The nappy bag cake design is a great idea for a baby shower celebration, because it will add a fun and creative touch to the party. It’s a cake that is made to look like a nappy bag, complete with a zipper and a drawstring. This cake will be a hit with the parents-to-be and their guests.


So, there you have it, 9 of the best baby shower cake designs that you can use to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. These cakes are fun, creative, and are sure to be a hit with your guests. If you are looking for a bakery that provides online cake delivery in Delhi then you should check out Chaykala cakes & bakery.

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