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Is Membrane Finishing a Better Alternative over Laminate?

The structure of the storage unit is just as important as picking the right box. The finish protects and provides determination of the cabinet carcass life. If you’re upgrading your modular kitchen or acquiring a modular wardrobe, this is the major reason why homeowners prefer membrane finishing over other finishes.

The term membrane finishing may be familiar to you. This finish is regarded as being both cost-effective and long-lasting. It is a better option than kitchen laminate, but it lacks the elegance that acrylic provides. Let’s check why membrane is a better laminate than PU and why it may be the best solution for your modular kitchen cabinets.

What exactly is Membrane Finishing?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foil is a membrane that is available in matte, glossy as well as wooden finishes, wrapped under high pressure around medium-density fibreboard.

What sets it apart from laminate?

Flat paper is pasted together to give the laminate finish. However, the membrane is a foil. In the case of the membrane, you will not have to worry about edge banding. On the laminate, the edge banding technique is utilised to give a smooth edge that would otherwise be sharp. They aren’t glued to the wooden surface, unlike laminate.

Consider a comparison between PU Finish and PU Finish for Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes.

Due to its price point and durability, membrane finish is a popular option. The PU coating should be selected for its rich appearance and feel. PU paints stand for Polyurethane paint. Polyurethane paint is a highly durable acrylic paint that is easy to apply. This glossy paint has a royal finish and is applied over the MDF board. Making it perfect for modular kitchen, too, it is resistant to heat, chemicals, and water. It is scratch-resistant making it long-lasting.

The price of this finish, however, is a disadvantage. Because of its durability and attractive finish, designers recommend PU paint for high-end, luxury projects. Hence, if you are budget-constrained and are on the look for something glossy, an economical choice is none other than membrane.

Membrane Finish for Modular Kitchen and Wardrobe: Pros and Cons

Here are some positives and negatives of membrane for a better understanding:

Pros of the Membrane Finish

    • Waterproof and weatherproof — perfect for kitchens.
    • Greater shelf life as compared to laminate and it is durable.
    • It comes in two different finishes: glossy and matte. Easy cleaning with a moist cloth and mild detergent.
    • It is easily wrapped around the sides so no edge banding is required.

Cons of the Membrane Finish

    • Excess sunlight exposure can cause discoloration.
    • Regular cleaning and maintenance is required
    • The membrane can peel with rough usage and over time.
    • Scratches can be caused due to use of abrasive cleaners or steel scrubbers.

Why is Membrane a Popular Choice?

Due to its rich look which sits well in traditional and contemporary homes, most homeowners go for a membrane finish. As compared to acrylic finish it is economical. This finish gives a natural feel and a consistent look.

What’s Different About Membrane Finish?

To provide our customers with a choice of 30 membrane coatings. Based on customer surveys and international trends, our team of experienced designers has hand-picked these finishes. To give your modular kitchen and wardrobes a different look of global standard, you are having a great chance.


A modular kitchen and wardrobe is an investment that lasts a lifetime. The design should be in sync with your lifestyle. A contemporary or traditional kitchen will look great.

In case you are looking for an economical choice, then membrane is a great option. You will not have to worry about maintenance. You will also not have to worry about the edge banding, which is an added advantage. If you are looking for a durable and attractive finish, membrane is a great choice.

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