Write your own Story of Successful Business by Launching Gojek Clone

Revenue generation is of utmost importance when you’re starting off a business. It is probably the first thing entrepreneurs think of after the ideation stage. There are a certain set of questions that entrepreneurs ask themselves, “will I get better ROI”, “will it be worth spending time and money on the idea”, and so on. So, if you are an entrepreneur willing to earn a fortune out of your Gojek clone multi-service business, then the first thing you should look at is how you will make money and save some.


The first and foremost thing you can do to save more money and still build the most robust, structured, and feature-rich app is to rebrand it! Rebranding or white-labeling the app is one of the best ways to save a huge amount of money on just the development and launch process.

Opting for a white-labeled on-demand app solution means that the entrepreneur doesn’t have to spend USD 250,000 to pay salary, purchase software, rent office space, etc. It hardly takes a fraction of this amount to purchase the clone app script package, get it white-labeled with your company’s name and logo everywhere, and so on. Let me tell you that it will easily take USD 250,000 to build this super app from scratch. Also, the amount may go up the said budget due to any unforeseeable situations, re-working, bugs, etc.

That is why save money on developing and launching the app by hiring white-labeling experts who have been doing this job for about a decade now!


Making money is never easy. But, with the on demand multi service app, it is! There are two simple ways to make more revenue and profits:

  • Earning commissions: Commissions are earned by the app owner from every service or order that gets rendered through the app. Service providers pay a certain amount from every income they earn by completing tasks they accept via the app. Say, a beautician may have to provide 12% commission from every service they render. Let’s assume that Maria is a make-up artist. She completed a job that she took up on the app and earned USD 314.70 from it. Now the commission that she will pay is 12% off USD 314.70, that is, USD 37.76 to the app owner.
  • Membership subscription plans: Under Gojek clone app subscription-based business model, the service providers have to purchase one of the many plans to start rendering their services on the app. This is a recurring process where the providers have to keep renewing the plan every time it is about to expire if they want to continue offering the services online. Here, the service provider doesn’t have to pay commissions. Say, Laura has bought a 3-month subscription for USD449. Now, she can render an unlimited number of services for 3 months and when the plan nears the expiry date, she will have to renew it!

Develop a Gojek clone in record 1 – 2 weeks!

Making money and saving some through super app development was never this easy. Was it? Well, with the Gojek clone app, things have become more sorted. Entrepreneurs don’t have to wait for more than half a decade to develop the app, launch it, and market it.

Well, with a ready-made Gojek clone, the entrepreneurs can develop the app, rebrand it, and finally make it available to the users to download and use in just 1 – 2 weeks!

Get the white-labeled solution today! Even before your peers could try to match your app, you’d have already out stood them!


Archie Cadell is a content writer and marketing strategist at a mobile app development company, based in the Southern East. She loves to write stuff on leading technology trends and digital marketing solution for application.

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