The Profitable Features Of New Gojek Clone KingX 2022 For Your On-Demand Business

Is it exhausting to keep waiting for your dreams to come true? Are you on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind business opportunity? You’ve arrived to the right location.

In less than a week, you can start your own multi-service business and dominate the market with our Latest Advanced Gojek Clone 2022.

A revolutionary app, Gojek has revolutionized the On-Demand industry. Featuring some great “out of the box” services as well as some new components and features not found in any other program.

Building Super App like Gojek is the best bet for newcomers trying to get into an On-Demand Marketplace. Let’s take a look at what makes this powerful on-demand multi-services app so popular with entrepreneurs and users.

A Quick Overview of Gojek The Ultimate App

Gojek started out as a ride-hailing app in 2015, with only three basic services – GoRide, GoSend, and GoMart – but has now grown into a Super App with over 20 services. The company quickly separated its services into three categories: ride, delivery, and other.

The term ‘riding’ can apply to a range of various modes of transportation, such as a boat, a rental, or a taxi. The term ‘delivery’ refers to a category of on-demand deliveries that include groceries, meals, and other products. The ‘Other Services’ category includes cleaning, plumbing, massage, and other services.

The company employs 1.7 million drivers and 60 thousand service providers in Southeast Asia. Many entrepreneurs are now motivated by Gojek’s success and want to start their own business.

Be The Next Millionaire Launching Gojek Clone KingX 2022

To unique and experience a quick customer base, you have to think different. Integrating it with New Features & Components can easily exceed your competitors.

Implementing New Happening Features, Improved UI/UX, Seamless Functionalities, New Modules (Components), and so on can help you achieve this.

Described briefly are the latest introductions add to the Super App.

Online Video Consultation Component

Online video consultation sessions with doctors, tutors, yoga instructors, fitness coaches, lawyers, psychiatrists, and even astrologers are now available. After the session ends, the Users’ Pre-Saved Credit Card is deducted automatically.

Bidding for Services Component

Gojek-like app allows your users to place a “Job Request” and obtain Real-Time Bids from handymen such as electricians, plumbers, painters, home cleaners, and sanitizing and disinfecting professionals.

All that is require of the user is to fill out a form with the necessary information:

Requested Task Service Category Budget / Location/Address Preferred Task Date & Time Specifics of the Task You’ve Requested

After that, the user must press the “POST” button! The Task is successfully post, and all appropriate Service Providers in the User’s Locality receive an invitation. Now it’s up to the User to wait for interested Service Providers to submit an offer and begin the bidding or virtual negotiating process.

Taxi Booking with iWatch App

This app allows iWatch users to hire a taxicab directly from their smartwatch. On the user’s iPhone, the Riders’ App must be install.  Users may now select the car type, add a location, watch the live progress of the ride, examine the taxi driver’s information, and pay using the in-app wallets after simply logging in once.

Choose from 25 Different Languages & Currencies

The app offers 25 multiple currencies and languages of your choice to be integrate within your app. This contains both the British pound sterling and the US dollar. You no longer have to be concerned about launching the app from a location where you don’t understand English or trade in US currency.

New Revenue Scoring Features for Gojek Clone KingxX 2022

  1. Users, delivery executives, and service providers can use the video call capability to make video calls as needed.
  2. Using the many credit card management systems available, users can save as many credit cards as they require. Several times, credit cards have been known to fail. As a result, having extra cards on hand at those times may bring peace of mind to your clients.
  3. There are new login options, such as Face ID for Apple users and Fingerprint for Android users. This strategy eliminates the need for users to remember passwords or usernames each time they log in.
  4. Service providers can use the feature to add a video of their work to their profile along with photographs by posting videos in the image gallery. A car washer, for example, can utilise videos to demonstrate his car washing services, while a beautician can use film to demonstrate her beauty treatment services.
  5. The driver’s reward feature is a feature in which drivers are given levels and badges for delivering excellent service and completing more journeys for users. Drivers are compensate based on their badge or position.
  6. The features described above are just the beginning of Gojek Clone App 2022’s possibilities. Users, service providers, delivery drivers, store owners, and app developers will all benefit from the app’s additional features.

Why Hire An App Development Company ?

Every New Year brings with it a rush of new market trends and currents. In order to help our Gojek Clone clients build their enterprises, our app development team collaborated with market researchers and business analysts to provide a set of new features.

Gojek Clone KingX 2022 includes market-relevant features such as a single download and login, online booking, CoVid 19 unique features, and more.

People are looking for a singular app that can handle multiple activities, and the market is ripe for it. With our Gojek Clone Script on your side, you will certainly rule the multi-service market. Malaysia, Vietnam, the United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Spain are all possible destinations for this global app to launch in just matter of days.


Archie Cadell is a content writer and marketing strategist at a mobile app development company, based in the Southern East. She loves to write stuff on leading technology trends and digital marketing solution for application.

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