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Grey Blackout Curtains

1. How to choose the colour of your curtains?

Before showing you all the colours of curtains to associate with your living room with grey walls, here are the criteria to consider when making your choice.

A. What shade of grey is in your living room?

The first thing to check is the shade of grey that predominates in your living room. Indeed, an anthracite grey will not marry only with light, slate or dark grey. This is very important to create harmony with your curtains or contrast.

B. What style is in your living room?

Does your living room respect the rules of the industrial layout of the living room with metal furniture and grey and neutral colours? To harmonize your curtains with this style, you must bet on opaque sails. On the other hand, if you have a grey Scandinavian living room, which is generally more refined and clear, your curtains should follow the same path. It would help if you, therefore, considered the style of your living room before choosing the colour of your curtains.

C. What material for your curtains?

The choice of materials from which your curtains are made will impact their colour. Indeed, some fabrics are more opaque and thicker than others. Jacquard and velvet are interesting for cosy and elegant interiors, and to retain heat.

On the contrary, plain taffeta, linen and cotton are perfect for more lightness and lighter colours.

II. What colours of curtains to avoid in a grey living room?

There is no contraindication for a grey living room in terms of the colour of the curtains. You can afford everything! Only grey, without nuance, is to be avoided because it would offer dull neutrality. But even if all shades are possible, combinations of curtains + grey living room colours still work better. Here are the most popular.

A. White curtains for grey living room: for a bright interior.

White curtains are perfect if you want to bring light to your grey living room! Indeed, light, cream and beige shades are ideal for creating a light atmosphere. If you want to highlight a grey wall facing the window, white will catch the light to emphasize its appearance. It is exquisite for highlighting all the nuances of a granite-coloured wall.

B. Black curtains for grey living room: sobriety and elegance

Black is to be avoided if the grey of your living room is dark. Choosing this colour would only add to the overall opacity. Ditto if you lack brightness; with black, it would be even worse. On the other hand, if your windows let in a lot of light and your living room and its furniture have a light grey hue, black curtains will add elegance to the general decor without darkening it. You will thus be able to create a nice contrast without turning to original colours such as orange, red or yellow.

C. Pink curtains for grey living room: for perfect harmony.

Few people know it, but pink and grey are two colours that harmonize perfectly within an interior. This combination of colours is particularly suitable for bright and modern interiors. Pink, particularly pastel pink, offers a similar effect to white in terms of luminosity but with a little extra delicacy. It’s a good way to remedy the too great coldness (and neutrality) of the grey walls.If you have a Scandinavian decor, pink curtains will also be very nice. They add an overall clean and light feel to the room.

D. Yellow curtains for grey living room: energy in your living room.

Yellow is currently very trendy, and, good news, it is a colour that also goes very well with grey. His great strength? It comes in very different tones, which adds a nice touch of originality to your living room. Yellow curtains also bring a unique luminosity to your interior. Even in winter, it’s as if the sun comes directly into your living room—a welcome energizing effect. For the choice of shades, you can turn to bright yellow, light yellow, orange, or mustard yellow for a 50s pop effect.

E. Red curtains for a grey living room: dynamism for your interior

Red is a colour that can energize an interior, especially when it is predominantly grey. But, be careful. Red is a colour to be used sparingly, not to create a kitsch effect. So use it in small touches, on your curtains, for example. Red curtains go perfectly with a contemporary and somewhat cold grey decor. They bring warmth and energy, but without changing the general atmosphere. It is an excellent solution to create contrast. You have the choice between different types of red. If your living room is dark grey, bright red or brick is preferred. If your living room is light grey, turn mainly to an orange-red to bring friendliness and warmth without overdoing it.

F. Blue curtains for a grey living room: the play of shades.

Blue is a colour that stands out for the impressive number of variations it offers. Petrol blue, turquoise blue, azure blue. You are spoiled for choice. As a general rule, blue brings freshness and serenity to an interior. Blue curtains will therefore play this role in a grey living room that is a little too neutral. It’s the perfect solution if you want to add a slightly different touch to your living room without going too original. With certain shades of blue, you will have the impression, through your window, that the sky is always clear. A real plus for daily serenity.

G. Opt for the 100% grey living room?

We advise you not to opt for curtains of the same grey in your living room. Indeed, the monochrome side only works when using colour in different shades. This is called monochrome. This is the solution we offer you if you want to opt for a 100% grey living room. The overall effect will be very modern and sophisticated. The atmosphere will be more convivial with light grey and light curtains and certain transparency. With thick grey on your curtains, you will create a more refined and elegant atmosphere. In any case, with a living room and grey curtains, the effect will be guaranteed! But we still advise you to add colour to your interior. If the walls and curtains are neutral, you can play on the contrasts with your decorative accessories. To highlight them, opt for colourful elements; this will add a modern and sophisticated side.

Conclusion :

Thanks to our different decorative ideas for the colour of your grey blackout curtains for the living room, you can now choose the best match. Grey walls will always be synonymous with elegance, neutrality and modernity, but with our suggestions, you can add a touch of warmth, freshness, friendliness, a zen attitude. It’s up to you!

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