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How to Choose the Precise Metal Curtains Poles

Curtains Poles

Metal curtains poles and wood poles are both available. So, a variety of colours makes it easy to find something that suits every style. Popular as a statement piece, a pole is a popular choice. Rings can be added to any number you like. We recommend one every 10 cm or so. If your heading is a pencil pleat, you’ll need additional rings to achieve a more gathered appearance(curtain pole).

Be sure to keep your curtain’s weight in mind. A wider pole will be needed for curtains with greater weight (usually interlined curtains). Before drilling, ensure you know what material your wall is made of. 

Metal curtain poles are a necessary part of a room to hang curtains. There is a wide selection on the market, including metal, brass, and tracks. Every pole has something different that makes it stand out. You must select a combination of poles and tracks that will match your room’s mood. Visitors pay the most attention to curtains, so you must ensure they are as beautiful as possible.

Types of curtain poles 

What type of curtain pole is right for me?

Three types of curtain poles exist, each offering a slightly different aesthetic and function. The most traditional are poles with rings. This style is ideal for those seeking a classic style and hand-drawn extendable curtain pole. This option can be made more practical with draw rods.

It is a great idea to use poles with gliders for smoother operation. With heavier curtains, corded or cordless, they perform better. Electric models are more contemporary and easier to use than gas models. They can be operated by a radio, switch, remote, or timer and offer a simplistic style.

Uncorded poles or corded poles?

Handling delicate fabrics can damage them, so corded poles and tracks are ideal for such materials. Those aiming for a contemporary style will find uncorded curtains poles more subtle, and the curtains themselves will take center stage.

How do electric models benefit you?

Aside from their attractive appearance, electric models are extremely practical and can be operated by remote, switch, radio, or timer. You can see the pole design with electric poles, while with electric tracks, you can see the curtains move easily.

Electrified curtain poles and tracks require little effort yet still offer a stylish aesthetic to your home. In addition, you can add a timer or light sensor to your curtain system to ensure that it opens and closes automatically when you are not around. Therefore, your curtains will also last longer as the fabric will be handled less.

Size and fit

Where can you find the right length pole?

Depending on the window’s shape, you should measure it differently. Windows with multiple angles, such as bay windows, may be awkward to measure, so they are measured differently from standard, square windows. For straight windows that aren’t in recesses, allow 15 to 30 cm on either side. Don’t forget to factor in finials and other accessories that might extend the window’s height.

What is the best curtain pole diameter?

If you want the pole to appear prominent, choose a diameter that accommodates that. You should choose a larger diameter if you have tall windows. Conversely, more delicate fabrics are better suited to smaller diameters. Choosing the right diameter for the eyelet curtains pole is important for them to easily fit through the eyelets and slide along the pole.

It is not the pole’s diameter that determines the curtain’s strength, although it is an essential factor.

How can bay windows be customized?

For our bespoke, made-to-measure service, we can bend your pole or track to fit your space as long as you provide us with the correct measurements. Passing brackets and C-rings will be required to ensure that the curtains operate smoothly and efficiently.

How do you hang two sets of curtains?

When it comes to curtains, layering is a stylish option that blocks light and adds texture to your décor. Two layers of curtains can be hung through two channels with a double curtain track system.

Finish and Style

For curtain poles and tracks, what should you choose?

As a result, we prefer aluminum over plastic alternatives as they are easier to bend and cut to size and more durable. The style and finish of curtain poles can be customized to suit every home, and there are many options to choose from.

A wooden curtain pole can create a rustic effect that perfectly matches your home design. Lacquered designs work well with modern décor. The quality of wood and the neutral shine will complement the rest of your home’s features. The versatility of metal poles makes them perfect for home décor styles of a wide variety and are available in multiple finishes.

How can you purchase curtain pole accessories?

Choosing matching accessories, such as finials, medallions, holdbacks, or even more understated end caps will complete the look. Any room will look stylish and cohesive with this piece.

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