Weird Ways to Use Items in Minecraft

Waste items in Minecraft items of the lifeblood of Minecraft piercing but while there is so much that you can do with their intentional uses any of these can work it’s a pretty wild way in that case let’s dive right into the wacky and use some of our items and some strangely useful math.

Number 1

If you’ve ever cared for plants the need of the suckers needs a title life but apparently, we can use that to our advantage we can actually use this for a system that can automatically harvest crops.

The lights go off you see the way that this works the game requires a certain amount of light level for the cross street planet so if we just switch off the red stone lamp bam everything is harvested in an instant and then since farmland isn’t a full block.

We can just have a set of hoppers underneath and collect the stuff just like that sure they still share a lot of similarities to water-based systems and while it might not be a full replacement you have to admit it looks pretty cool in action in blade and sorcery mods.

Number 2

If you want to be a problem Minecraft you got to be able to MLG clutch but if your reaction times are like mine that’s disconcerting it’s just not gonna happen so a simpler option for a slowpoke uses course fruit instead strangely enough.

The random teleport features actually predictable or at least predictable enough for us to use the way it works it will always tell poor you’d solid ground.

So if you’re in midair off shoulders levitation effect then you can just hop on one of these to be teleported right back to safety and look I’m not gonna lie it maybe doesn’t look as cool as a water bucket 6 but being able to survive a deadly fall I think that’s good enough for me.

Number 3

Nobody likes waiting whether it’s waiting in line waiting for files download or video to buffer nobody likes the time wasted which largely makes another port is a pain to deal with in survival mode not only do you have to wait for the whole sickness animation to play out.

But then you’ve also got a lead in the tire another dimension load on the other side it’s not exactly speedy, to say the least, what if you got some items that may be able to cut that down you see by using another Porter chunk loading all it takes is throwing an item to the other side.

I’d and all of a sudden it’ll do all of the loadings for you so going forward maybe take the time hit the Q. key might just save you some down the road.

Number 4

I think every kid want to be a spy at some point I mean why else would be so many difference by Adams available book fairs it’s a blind man folk.

So while I’m not saying you become a full James Bond in Minecraft this model is put you one step closer secret messages are classic but a spy technology.

But even when you use the message, and that isn’t always secure so if that’s the case let’s turn to invisible ink otherwise known as another high fence now laid out on the ground these don’t look like much but give your friend a map.

Now it’s hit a message no matter where you go in the world you’ve got yourself private messaging now and better yet the server mall to be none the wiser.

Number 5

I think we all can agree the channeling jam is pretty great for one not only is it fun to summon lightning-like your last name is Odense but that very lightning allows you to change manipulate different marks.

So when you’re fed up with typical movie shrooms you’re looking for a change well yeah it’s great but obviously, all that learning gets pretty dangerous.

So if you’re trying to do your magic without all the pain of electrocution maybe try this you see by placing down an item frame all you have to do is out that the job gets done the same way except this time no one can hurt in the process which is nice because really there’s no point in converting the courts.

Number 6

What is a love of roller coasters no no I won’t hang around with that’s for sure and it’s because of this mutual love of roller coasters?

But I’m sure we’ve all tried to set up a thrill ride once or twice but the real test is what your friends think it’s pretty boring to just shut them off and wait.

So they get back so to make that journey more inclusive why not upgrade your ride you seasons microscopic up entities and boats happen to be entities you can essentially make a 2 person cedar minecart to ride the rails.

So not only do you get to go for a ride to go around and you can also build up some surprising proportion by rowing the boat which I think we all can agree you’re pretty great.

Number 7

Read sometimes can be a big complex built-in well sure there are comparably simpler options like hopper clocks and such if you’re really looking to make a no brainer red stone clock and this is your candidate as well.

To see our solution here’s gravity and a violation of the Geneva convention I have a mom stand on top of some turtle eggs there’s a set amount of time for the cracks.

So given that there is a theory that you can form some kind of timer using turtle acts is it a moral I guess it does seem the nicest but if you’re really looking for a timer that’s light on red stone this is done do the trick.

So maybe just keep this behind closed doors and don’t let your visitors know the sausage gets made all right.

Number 8

In Minecraft it’s often easy to accumulate your fair share of junk and we’ll throw that stuff into a fire is a fun pastime but if you really want to get rid of something like saying through some chance you came across a particularly cheesy piece another right well.

You don’t have a cactus on hand there is one option that we tended to collect items or entities just like you and me and that means that these things have a kill switch.

So if you take an edible sky high and drop it on the thing items it’ll totally the stuff from existence it’s almost like creating our own kind of item execution system.

Number 9

The new mother stem blocks are great additions except for when you’re trying to smell something unlike regular logs these can’t be used as fuel in the furnace they don’t burn flint and steel.

So why should a furnace be any different well this intentional piece of game design might just have an unintentional workaround if instead you take those logs out of the furnace into the crafting grid then we can craft mystics which by themselves would work as a fuel source.

But we can actually do one better folk by crafting those very sticks in the latter’s now we’re actually getting the best bang for our buck when it comes to smell to it which I’ve got to say is a big improvement once told her that it was not smell anything at all.

Number 10

Sometimes you don’t have the heart to say something to someone’s face but doesn’t have to keep you from sending the message in fact the upcoming 1.17 update much to have a solution for you silence gamers.

I just black in particular parts of the copper wall then you guarantee that eventually, you can get the message which clearly could lead to some pretty innovative prank ideas.

I’m sure that your brains are already lit up with all the different designs that leave your friends base so while I don’t exactly endorse writing mean things for your friends to find I can tell.

Africa’s meaning if you’ve got the honey come on hand this much pave the way for your perfect crime or the very least a perfect punch line.

Number 11

Read store is one of my favorite parts of Minecraft the circuitry isn’t exactly a looker now that doesn’t discount personality sure what’s on the inside counts.

But to our builder friends it’s all about our appearances so in that case how about we find ourselves a happy middle ground I wasn’t aware of this until recently you can actually throw down item frames atop a red stone dust meaning.

If you add in a color map of your choice then you can effectively cover up your tracks no obviously using a bunch of these item frames and map combos I do have to warn some potential lack but if you got yourself a beefy computer and I’d be hard-pressed to say this is worth a shot.

Number 12

Villagers can be a great asset in Minecraft worlds but regardless of how respectable they are with emeralds, these holes are not the most commendable.

When it comes to the overworld and even though they’re an I was a lot more similar to sheep and Steve is nowhere near as this other corral.

So if you too are looking for a trading halt but just have to turn to a kangaroo market this might be the time to sweeten the deal only blocks as I’m sure you know are great for keeping different moms and dads.

He stuck in place so the next time they build a village’s desk maybe just talk one of these under the floor mat that way they won’t be able to jump out of Dodge you’ll be able to keep them still for the entire ship.

Number 13

When you’re Idoling at a farm in Minecraft there’s not a lot to do I mean most of us would just go off and do something away from the screen but if that’s out of the question for you we’ll have to find some other way to be productive.

Now to start getting out a book and quill Nelson to take notes or anything that books actually our project you see the way the micro-schools the different pages it’s actually possible in some weird way to make flipbook animation and the game is limited sure but remember someone remade Star Wars Askey art.

So the possibilities are pretty hot so if you’re going to be killing the time anyway model yourself a magnum opus.

Number 14

I think we all know that one person works at MLG water bucket and then uses it non stop I get it it’s a practical skills I don’t understand using it to get down from a 4 block drop.

All right for both fed up with it and what do we teach them. A little Lhasa well the question left solvers how do you stop water because really unless you’re in the other not many ways to stop water pocket unless we take it up step by using this upside down steps in sacks last me waterlogged.

When they try and land will be greeted with the bucket emptying and no forever clutch say leaving you victorious and I’m totally confused about what just happened.

Number 15

GMT duplication machines are great things but they are glitches which means that eventually, Bojan plans to remove that then when that happens it’s going to be a lot harder to explode things in the overworld sprite.

There might just be a new Avenue to future proof for Big Bang and bombs all lack of legitimate sandbars makes it tough to get renewable TNC responding because our different story yeah thanks to people in the border in which forms the former of all.

Applicator but the trade-off for that hard work is a much larger explosion so whether you’re trying to excavate amounts in order to care when your enemies are on the server these might just be your next demolition dream.

Number 16

The classic blunders Minecraft YouTube sky block break down the First Street now it’s time to make cobblestone generator or read would be if you can just turn the law into obsidian well lucky for you.

There is a way around that with the advent of waterlog stairs now we don’t have to worry about our water flowing all over the place just place alike such port on a bucket and how you’ve got a fully functional cobblestone generator and might I add it even takes a smaller footprint in the world.

Don’t worry since filled up with water you don’t have to worry about this they’re catching on fire as far as I can see it’s all upsides folks it’s definitely the method I think you should use in the future.

Number 17

We have headed away for a long trip and another it’s always a good idea to pack yourself a snack this time I’m actually asking you to go vegetarian or dandelions to be more specific.

You got it a flower outlook kidneys don’t seem the most appetizing out the gate actually make a surprisingly handy ingredient because well you can go around making different mushroom stews to fill up in another you could just add this ingredient and wait for a puffed up beverage.

Since flower type can determine the effect of suspicious still using dandelions actually gives you some pretty solid saturation so we’re gonna make bowls anyway the one that you bring along a special spice and make all of it worth it.

Number 18

Plants can really liven up a Minecraft build which is why C. plenty of different pro builders using this in the base well well the shrubs and stuff definitely add the aesthetic.

I’m not exactly cooperative trust me it’s gonna be quite the pain just having the plants and replant this one thing just to get into the right height.

So if you’re tired of your crops getting a bit too big for their britches but don’t sweat it there’s actually a way to tie this together by placing string along the top of certain plants you can actually make sure that they stay at that height the rest is history no joke.

All you need is one piece of thread and it works like I never stopped all evolution stops dead in its tracks and you don’t have to worry about it any other way.

Number 19

Anyone who’s ever tried to build something organic knows that it’s very tough to get billed to look natural. Morris naturals they could look in a game made out of blocks.

I guess what for thought experiment city want to build an island in the creative world how do you go about it well if you’re like me you’re looking for the easy way out and in that case, I’d like to delegate this job to our good friend’s grass mycelium set up both of these are planes or campus.

Essentially you can watch a platoon turf war take place in real-time and then after the battle is done just replace my ceiling with water and like that you’ve got a fully formed island or at the very least very solid foundation they can build off.

Number 20

Men are always the easiest kill and while the teleporting might be fine the Duggar plains biome when you find them in the end the last thing you want is to get sneak attacked.

So to cut their magic show short all we need is 5 planks plan after we crafted the boat all we need to do is a place that right down next to an Andaman not suckle be locked right into place no joke songs you don’t break the boat.

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