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10 BEST FREE Websites You Should Use

I want to show you the 10 best websites that you should be using and these are all websites that I personally use(website).

With these sites you’ll be able to remove the background from a photo-generated, truly strong passwords, access thousands of realty free stock photos and contents and these are just a few examples of the websites that we’re going to look at today(website). These websites are special like these two websites https // and https //

 All right, let’s check these out.


 The first best website is removed.BG or remove background and it does exactly what the name says. It all removes the background from a photo and it works incredibly well. You take one of your photos and you upload it to the service.

 It uses AI to automatically identify the people or the persons in the photo and it’ll eliminate the background and it works incredibly well. I’ve uploaded photos with complex backgrounds.

 Every single time it correctly removes the subject from those backgrounds. To download a standard-quality photo, it’s completely free. In case you want a higher quality version of the photo they charge a little bit of money.

 PDF editor

 The number 2 best website is the same, just a PDF editor. Now all too often I receive the PDF that I have to fill out but it’s not a form. So I have to print it out then I have to fill it out then I could take a picture of it and then I have to save it as a PDF again. The whole process is just a pain with sage. You can upload your PDF, you can insert text boxes, you can annotate a PDF, and then you can save it as a PDF again and all of that is completely free.

Number 3 best website is now on On this site, you simply type in a word and then you find icons that match that word. This is especially helpful. If say you’re pulling together a PowerPoint presentation and you just need that one specific icon or in my case when I pulled together YouTube thumbnails. I recently created content on data entry forms in excel.

 I searched for data entry from a noun project and what do you know there was an icon that matched that. Once you find your icon you can save it as an SVG or PNG. You can use icons entirely for free if you provide attribution or if you pay $3 you can use that royalty.


 The best website number 4 is password and it’ll help you pull together a very strong password. Now believe it or not 2 of the most popular passwords in the world are R. 123456 and simple passwords that you could do better than that.

 That’s all too easy to hack. With password you simply type in the criteria of your password. How long do you want to be, should include numbers, what types of characters should contain and then you click on generate, and there you go. Now you have a very strong password and if you pair that with a password manager to remember those passwords. You’re already on track to being a lot more secure.

80 B. test tool 

Best website number 5 and if this is an 80 B. test tool. This is one that I used all the time when I worked at Microsoft. So let’s say for example on my youtube channel I have 2 different thumbnails and I want to compare which 1 performs better. I can run an experiment. I could have 10000 people see 1 thumbnail and 10000 people see another thumbnail. 

Now let’s say that one of the thumbnails gets clicked 1600 times and the other thumbnail gets clicked almost 1700 times. Is this second thumbnail truly better? And doesn’t get a higher click-through rate or was it just a random chance that maybe just a few more people happen to click on it.  Well, I can use this AB test tool to see, if there is a statistically significant difference, basically wasn’t due to just a random chance, or is that second thumbnail truly better.

 The best website number 6 is and on pexels. You get access to thousands of royalty-free photos and content. Let’s say for example maybe you are pulling together a PowerPoint presentation and you want to include an image.

 You can go on to pexels, search for a word and know pretty much have thousands of different images that you can choose from. I do this all the time on my youtube channel when I want to show what’s called B. roll or basically content that plays. As I’m speaking I search for a topic and there are thousands of content that I can choose from and then incorporate into my content. The great thing is you don’t even have to provide attribution. It’s completely free to use and they have a massive catalog.

photo P.

 The best website number 7 is photo P. Photo pia is kind of like Photoshop light. It’s an awfully functional image editor and that’s free on the web.

 You can set up the layers, you can apply different filters, you have access to a whole host of different tools. If you want to edit images chances are photo PO will have the tools that you’re looking for. And it’s completely free to use as long as you’re willing to put up with a few ads on the site. forward-slash flights

Best website number 8 is forward slash flights. Any time I book a trip. I always start my search. Here you simply type in the city or traveling from and the city that you’re traveling to and then Google flights shoes across all different airlines.

 What the different options are and what’s really nice is if you’re looking for traveling at the most inexpensive date they have a whole. A bunch of different tools that let you visualize over time what the pricing looks like. Once you’re ready to book your trip they’ll send you off to the airline website where you can formally book your travel. The thing I like about Google flights is it’s a really clean design. It’s really performance and Elise from what I found I’m always able to find the best deal. 

 This brings us to the best website number 9 and that’s I know I might be a little bit biased with this one I used to work at Microsoft and I personally worked on but Hey I don’t work at Microsoft anymore and I still use it.

 So it’s gonna be a good website when you go to you can sign in using a free Microsoft account and within you can use word, excel, and PowerPoint entirely free on the web, and along with those you also get access to all of Microsoft’s. For other services, you can use outlook you get free OneDrive storage space. I use all the time to access these different tools and also to get back to my files.

 This brings us to the best website number 10 you getting. All and thanks for reading this content. Since you started the content you’ve now gone 8 minutes older hopefully that was time well spent. If it was please remember to like this content with your getting You type in your birth date and it’ll tell you how old you are in days and how many birthday candles you’ve had throughout your entire life. It’ll also show you different milestones throughout your life. 

The thing I like about this website is it makes you appreciate the time you’ve had on this earth and it also serves as a good reminder to make the most of the time that you have left.


 Before we wrap up today I want to leave you with one additional bonus website and when I think of the billions and billions of websites in the world this one website is clearly number one it’s better than all of the other websites that I shared with you today. On this website, you can find very high-quality tutorials and you could also see this handsome face at Kevin

 That’s right that’s my new website you can check it out and you can find all of my different Tory oils on there and it’s all completely free.

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