Top Features of Sports NFT Marketplace Like FanCraze

Top Features of Sports NFT Marketplace Like FanCraze

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are not only restricted to the world of digital art and collectibles. It has infiltrated the sports industry as well. Founded in 2021, FanCraze began with the dream to create the metaverse for cricket. It built a strategic partnership with Dapper labs to deliver blockchain-based sports NFTs.  Moreover, FanCraze has allied with the ICC to release officially-licensed digital collectibles related to more than 25,000 cricketers. 

Crictos are the first ICC digital collectibles in which classic cricket moments and incredible plays are converted into digital treasures. Therefore, cricket fans can now own, use, and sell cricket NFTs and showcase their passion through FanCraze.  The NFT marketplace for sports is growing into a new investment prospect for business owners. This blog will discuss the top features of sports NFT marketplace like Fancraze. So, let’s dive in. 

1. Storefront

One of the significant features of the sports NFT marketplace is a storefront. It is where all new offers are listed and deals are shown. The information in the storefront dashboard may comprise the following- 

  • Owners
  • Bids
  • Previews
  • Value history

An NFT Marketplace Development Services provider can develop an engaging storefront that can convert passive users of the marketplace into active users.

2. Search Option

The NFT sports marketplace depends majorly on the search option. Users can search for their favorite players and important tournaments by merely typing their names into the search bar. Moreover, users can easily find and view rare and valuable sports NFTs within a few clicks. 

3. Crypto Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets are essential for buying, delivering, or exchanging sports collectibles and other digital commodities. Additionally, with the help of an integrated wallet on the sports NFT marketplace, users can seamlessly trade sports NFTs. 

4. Leaderboards

The leaderboard is an essential feature of sports NFT marketplace like FanCraze. Users can view all the top sports NFT collectors through leaderboards.

5. Auction

The auction page is critical for any marketplace. By using it, users can easily place a bid and buy their favorite sports NFTs. Furthermore, transparency in the auction process will enhance users’ interest. Important details like the current highest bid and bid validity date/time should be mentioned on the auction page. A reliable NFT marketplace development company can easily make an interactive page for a seamless auction.

6. Special Edition

The special edition feature indicates to investors that the NFTs are rare. Investors can view data about these limited edition NFTs like the date and time of launch, purchase value, NFT owner, edition number, and much more. Users can additionally utilize this feature to confirm the genuineness of the NFT. 

7. Security

Security is a valuable feature for facilitating the exchange of tokens between traders in a sports NFT marketplace. Blockchain app developers build robust security that protects traders from transaction loss and data theft.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, digital sports assets are attracting more attention than actual sports artifacts. With the digital versions of sports NFT collectibles creating waves, the NFT marketplace can be a profitable business proposition. As more people create and purchase, the popularity of a secure and reliable sports NFT marketplace will only grow. Therefore, if you want to develop your own sports NFT marketplace, you can take the assistance of a leading Blockchain development services provider to validate your concept.

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