How Much Does it Cost to Develop MVP in 2022?

Does it Cost to Develop MVP in 2022?

Do you have an app idea but are unsure if it will be successful in the market? In that case, you have two options: take the risk and spend your budget on full-fledged development. However, if your app cannot attract the expected number of users, then all expenditures on that app will go to waste.

Second, you can develop an MVP for your app idea, which is a launchable version of the

So, how much does it cost to build an MVP? MVP will cost less than the actual app development. However, there are a lot of factors that impact the overall cost of developing fully-featured apps.

This blog will explain how much it costs to build an MVP in 2022.

MVP Development Cost Driving Factors

1. Scope of MVP App Development

To determine the cost of creating an MVP, you must define the project’s scope beforehand, including competitor analysis, target audience, market analysis, and business goals.

With proper playing and strategy, you can plan your budget more wisely.

2. Platform and Technology Selection

It would be best to decide what platform to deliver your MVP to first, whether mobile or web. Also, on mobile platforms, you should be clear between Android and iOS operating systems. As per your platform selection, you need to choose the technology accordingly. And as per the technology selection, the total MVP development cost might vary.

You can also opt for cross-platform app development frameworks if you want to deploy your app on multiple platforms at a low cost.

3. Development Time

The time taken to develop the MVP for your app will also affect the overall cost of MVP development. The developers you hire from the MVP development company will charge you based on the hourly rate. These charges might vary as per the various parameters like geographical location, qualification level of developers, etc.

If you want to know the region-wise charges of IT companies, read our MVP devopment guide.

4. MVP Features and Functionality

Another primary factor that affects the average cost of developing an MVP is the features and functionality integrated into the app.

You can divide your app into the three categories given below:

  • Simple MVP with standard features and functionality, such as utility apps.
  • Average Complexity with more features like data storage, payment portals, geolocation, etc.
  • High complexity apps like enterprise-level apps, taxi services, food delivery, etc.

5. Project Design Complexity

One of the primary factors that impact the cost of developing an MVP is the design of your app. Since an MVP is supposed to have basic features, you can keep the UI/UX design simple with minimum screen transition.

However, if the UI/UX design is the critical factor of the app, then your MVP should focus on crafting a visually appealing app layout. You can integrate animations, 3D elements, and other custom features, but that will increase the cost of MVP development.


Estimating the average cost is not very challenging if you know the suitable parameters and the proper planning of its implementation. Therefore you can hire MVP development services to build your MVP for your app that comes under your budget.

Many big brands we know once started as MVPs, such as Twitter, Buffer, Uber, Amazon, etc. Therefore, be ready with your app idea and validate it in the market.

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