Things You Need to Do to Start Out as a WordPress Website Designer

WordPress website design can be a great side business, or even the start of your full-time career if you’re able to build up enough clients and an impressive portfolio. Although the barrier of entry is relatively low, there are still some steps that you’ll need to take to get your WordPress website designer up and running. Use this list of things you need to do as your guide, and by the end of it, you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running with your new venture!

Learn how WordPress works

The first step to becoming a WordPress web designer is learning how it works. This can be done through online courses, tutorials, or just by doing some research.

The process of creating websites on the platform begins with the installation of the software and then editing pages and posts.

Once you’ve got that down, you’ll want to know about themes and plugins–including what they are, how they work, and how to find them.

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Choose your theme(s)

WordPress is an open-source web design and development platform. As the name suggests, it uses PHP-based WordPress software and MySQL, both of which are free.

It’s easy for just about anyone to install and start using it on their website within minutes, making it the perfect choice for a beginner web designer.

Learn JavaScript basics

As time goes on, you may want to learn more about this programming language and its many nuances, but for now, here are the basics.

Web design is not just about making sites look pretty. Good web designers also have a knack for usability and information architecture.

Start using site structure plugins

One of the best things you can do to start as a WordPress website designer is to start using site structure plugins.

These plugins allow you to create custom post types and taxonomies that will help keep your website well-organized and easy for both you and your clients to navigate.

The most popular site structure plugin on the market today is probably SEO by Yoast, which allows users like you and me to design an optimal page layout.

Get Familiar With Page Builders (if you use them)

If you’re going to be designing, you must know about page builders. These are tools for editing the layout of your website, and they’re useful for web designers.

The two most popular are Beaver Builder and Divi Builder, but there are other options available if these don’t suit your needs.

If you want something more powerful with more advanced features, then I recommend checking out Elementor or Beaver Builder.

Connect with the WordPress Community

The WordPress community is a great place to find help and inspiration. If you are just starting, the forums are an excellent place to get support, ask questions, and learn more about the platform.

If you are interested in web design or development in Vancouver, check out Web Design Vancouver. They offer high-quality web design at competitive rates and can also host your website for you.

Learn about SEO, including on-page and off-page SEO

These tactics are more than just writing blog posts; they involve understanding what search engines prioritize and how your content should be formatted.

Additionally, you’ll want to do keyword research, optimize your site for search engines, use social media to increase awareness of your company and website, etc.

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Analyze your competitors in your niche

There are many web design companies in Vancouver, BC and there are many more out there.

Web design is a very competitive niche so you have to be able to differentiate yourself. You need to do research about your competitors and see what they offer that you don’t.

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