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Are Movies a Good Hobby for Students Trying to Score A+ Grades?

Everyone, including our MBA dissertation proposal help team, loves watching movies. It’s an amazing pastime where you find yourself jumping into the fantastic plot of a film for a few hours. There’s popcorn, comfy seats, and just an air of excitement surrounding the world you’re about to immerse yourself in visually.

But unfortunately, not everyone has time to watch a movie. After all, it’s not like students can simply take a break and go see Black Panther Wakanda Forever. Instead, most must focus on their studies to keep up with their assignments, essays, and dissertation proposals to score good grades.

However, what if watching movies and films could benefit us? Would it be better to watch more of them? That’s what our MBA dissertation proposal help and custom dissertation poster services are going to answer today. We’re analyzing the hobby to uncover if students should watch more movies in their free time or spend it studying instead.

The Benefits and Downsides of Watching Movies as a Hobby

The Benefits and Downsides of Watching Movies as a Hobby

There’s nothing better than grabbing a bowl of popcorn, getting comfy on the sofa, and turning on a great movie. But does it benefit you to do that? Or is it just a simple pastime that helps you relax and recover?

Well, there’s good news and bad news.

Movies can be a good hobby for students, and they can also be a bad one. To be fair, it comes down to what you watch and how you interact with the entertainment medium. For instance, they can help you through visual learning elements if they focus on the topics you study. But at the same time, they can also be about something completely irrelevant to your work. Thus, they can end up leading students down a path of wasting time.

Fortunately, there is a solution. We believe finding a healthy balance between the positive and negative elements of watching movies is necessary.

So, let’s check out the positives of watching movies:

Pros of Watching Movies

Pros of Watching Movies

1.      Visual Learning

The best aspect of watching movies is that they’re great for visual learners. These are people who use visual aids and examples to acquire and understand information about different topics. Fortunately, movies are all about visuals. We can learn various things by simply watching them. For example, a movie about doctors is a great way for medical students to understand how hospitals work. Similarly, we can also learn about our history and historical events that we cannot physically experience. And the list keeps going!

Movies can also teach students various concepts they need to write better. For instance, they explore themes, genres, and styles.

2.      Perspective Learning

Another great aspect of watching movies is the different perspectives movies portray. For instance, they put us in the shoes of other characters with vastly different backgrounds from our own. As a result, we get to see and feel what they feel. We get to understand what they go through. And we can even explore different concepts and topics from their perspectives. This is great for students who are learning to write argumentatively. It teaches you how to understand and empathize with other people.

That way, you should have no issues with improving how you tackle, dispute, and make claims in your work.

3. relaxation

The final aspect of watching movies that is beneficial for students is the relaxation they provide. Why does that benefit students? Because most of them are tired and overworked. All students have an insane number of things to do. And newer tasks are popping up every day. They may have a new class to attend or even another assignment to submit. Or worse, they may even lose their homework.

All that leads to higher stress levels, increased tiredness, and poor academic performance. Therefore, students need to take a break. Besides, breaks are great! They have many health and academic benefits!

What better way to take breaks than sitting down with friends or family and putting on a movie? Try taking a break and watching something.

Cons of Watching Movies

Just like a common coin, there are two sides to everything. Movies have benefits. But they also have aspects that can hinder a student’s growth and academic performance. Let’s analyze a few of them.

1.      Waste of Time

Unfortunately, the act of watching movies can be a huge waste of time. But there are many reasons for this. For example, some movies don’t cover anything of importance. At the same time, others don’t teach you anything significant. And a few don’t explore relevant themes, concepts, or eras that can help students either. This is why choosing a genre and type of film is important. However, you don’t always have time to do that either. Instead, most students have very limited free time. So, they can’t waste it on analyzing each film, reading the synopsis, and setting everything up.

2.      They Don’t Solve Problems

While films and movies are great ways to learn, they don’t solve the problems students face. Despite all the positive benefits above, students will still struggle with their studies. That’s why it’s safe to deduce that movies fill a passive role in education. After all, you don’t need to watch movies to understand your subject or other students’ concepts. Instead, reading can do just fine. Therefore, we recommend students use them as a tool to enhance how they learn. That way, they can always benefit while also enjoying themselves.


That’s all our MBA dissertation proposal help team has to say about movies as a hobby. We hope the information above gave you a new appreciation of film and movies. Of course, there are benefits to everything we do, including watching movies. But it’s important to note that with those benefits comes several downsides too.

Try using the positive aspects of movies to enhance your learning skills and acquire new information. And if that doesn’t help you with your dissertation, try a custom dissertation poster service instead to improve your grade.

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