The General information on How MOT Functions

MOT Functions

MOT Test – The General information

Many car owners experience anxiety before the MOT Test Tooting. A malfunction might result in hundreds of pounds in repair costs or, in rare situations, even permanently remove your pride and joy from the road.

But there’s no need to worry; once you understand how automobiles are acatually tested, it’s simple to predict whether your car will pass or fail before you arrive at the testing facility and get any potential problems fixed.

What is an MOT?

 Before getting driven on public roads, all vehicles older than three years must have a current MOT; failure to comply with this requirement can result in a fine of up to £1000. If the policyholder cannot provide evidence of their vehicle’s roadworthiness, insurance firms are also within their rights to void a damage claim.

 A vehicle must meet stringent safety and emissions standards in order to pass, with specific requirements ranging depending on size, age, and class.

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Does my car need an MOT?

A new car must currently undergo an MOT test once it turns 3 years old and subsequently on an annual basis. You can check if your automobile requires an MOT and when it is due on the government website because all MOT test centers report results to a single database.

How much time does an MOT take?

It typically takes 45 to 1 hour to complete an MOT. 

MOT Myths

“My car won’t need water in the washer bottle to pass a MOT,” – False, the car needs to work and have washing fluid. If the washer bottle is empty, the operation will fail.

As insignificant as it may sound, “Windscreen stickers could result in a MOT fail” is accurate. Failure will arise from the presence of stickers, fluffy dice, air fresheners, and other obstructions to the driver’s vision.

Vehicle with a missing registration plate could nevertheless pass a MOT inspection. False. The car must have installed registration plates with legible numbers and letters.

“Windscreen wipers that result in a fail” – This is accurate; wipers must function properly and be free from damage. If wipers are unable to clean the windscreen of debris, the car will malfunction.

After the test, what happens?

Following the test, the technician will give you a list of everything they checked, along with the outcome, which will either be: 


Warnings for Pass

Failing with serious or hazardous flaws

What if my car’s MOT is unsuccessful? 

In the event that your automobile breaks down or the expert believes that repairs will be necessary soon, you will never get charged a cost that you weren’t expecting.

Can I still operate my car once it breaks down?

If your automobile fails its MOT test but has no serious problems and the existing MOT certificate is still valid, you can be still allowed to drive it. Repairs should get completed before the current MOT expires. Operating an unsafe vehicle can result in a fine of up to £1000.

What happens when the car passes?

You will receive a MOT and emissions certificate when you pick up the car.

How to access your online MOT history?

The MOT checker can be also used to evaluate earlier MOT tests, with in-depth data on advisories and failures previously encountered available. This is helpful when determining whether to buy a used automobile or needing to remember yourself of what needs fixing before going to the mechanic.

Given that failure in these areas will be expensive to fix and possibly fatal for older automobiles, special attention should be actually made to the history of non-consumable items including suspension mounts, chassis, and lower body. It’s important to keep in mind that parts like brake pads, ball joints, headlights, and tyres inevitably wear out and need replacing.

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Is My car is exempt from the MOT.

MOT Test Tooting are not required for vehicles that are less than three years old because it’i believed that their condition won’t worsen while they are still considered to be “new.” Any problem areas will be probably identified and addressed by a dealership technician as part of a check-up or service anyhow.

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