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The cause of the High TDS in water

High TDS in water

If you find high TDS in water, First, check whether your water purifier is an RO water purifier or an ultrafiltration machine. Ultrafiltration machine filtration accuracy of 0.01-0.1 microns, can filter large molecules of particles, and organic matter. But it can not filter out the minerals, and salts in the water so TDS detection is not suitable for ultrafiltration machine, which is industry common sense.

Other reason that causes high TDS in water

The reverse osmosis water purifier will filter out all the impurities in the water and come out with a cup of pure water. The ultrafiltration water filter cannot filter out the conductive ions in the water, so the water is still conductive. In this way, you should choose reverse osmosis water filter whole house. In addition, after the ultrafiltration water purifier is filtered, the impurities such as sediment, rust, and some bacteria in the water are basically removed, which will also cause the activity of conductive ions to be enhanced.

Secondly, check whether the water purifier is installed correctly. The installation of the water purifier is nothing more than the installation of the filter element and the connection of the pipeline, which is not difficult, but the difficulty is whether the operation is correct, or whether the details in the installation are in place. The filter element installation of the water purifier is very exquisite, and the general order of the filter element of the five-stage filtration is PP cotton, granular carbon, compressed activated carbon, RO membrane, and post-activated carbon, depending on the manufacturer’s factory standards. If the installation order is wrong, it will affect the purification effect and the taste of the water.

The last is to check whether the machine has any water leakage. The machine does not connect to the position, and loose connections can lead to water leakage. This situation will not only affect the filtration effect of the water purifier but also bring some safety hazards.

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Water Purifier: What can They can do?

  1. Effectively filter out rust, sand, colloid and even adsorb the remaining chlorine in the water, and effectively remove the rust smell, color, pesticides and other chemical agents in the odorous raw water

  1. It can also effectively remove bacteria, germs, toxins, heavy metals and other impurities that endanger human health in the water. It also reduces the scale in the water and reduces our risk of stones

  1. It avoids the risk of secondary pollution of tap water or substandard sanitation of water pipeline network and high-rise water tanks

Water purifiers need to be convenient for direct drinking. The most important thing about choosing to buy a household water purifier is that the water purifier is convenient enough. When I want to drink water, I can drink it directly. I don’t have to spend time boiling hot water or waiting for the water that has just boil to cool down. To know that human laziness can sometimes promote scientific and technological progress, I think water purifiers is some kind of such an achievement.

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