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Suddenly IP has been Blocked? How to Fix

What is IP blocking?

IP address blocking can be simply explained to mean a situation where certain IP addresses are restricted or has been banned by a network server. When you get the error that your IP address has been temporarily blocked or forbidden access to a server, it might be because the particular location or country you are browsing from is restricted the site.

Every device connected to the Internet assigned a unique IP address that allows devices to communicate with each other. With appropriate software on the host website, the IP address of a user can be logged as well to determine the location or through which route the user is connecting.

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Techniques to Resolve Temporarily Blocked IP

Discover the cause of your blockage

You should consider why you were banned before inquiring who blocked your IP. You may get blocked for various reasons, as already said, and each of them will call for a different approach. For instance, a block brought on by a national ban will have a different remedy than a block brought on by recurrent multiple error codes. So look into the reason your IP restricted. To learn the measures to follow and how to fix the IP Address Blocking issue, go to the “website policy” at the bottom of the page.

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Check to see whether your IP Address is on a blacklist

Site owners use public IP blacklists to stop the misuse of their services. If your IP address appears on the blacklist, you should verify the relevant blacklist checker.

You may also check the blacklist status of your IP address at Your IP address automatically checked, and the website tells you if it turns up on any of these lists. The box adjacent to the Check my ip address button will already pre-filled with your IP address. Select “Check My IP Address” to determine whether your IP address banned.

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Use a VPN service

A regional or national prohibition might result in the blacklisting of IP addresses. VPN will be your best option to conceal your IP Address under these circumstances. Although there are free options such as Proton VPN, Windscribe VPN, etc, using premium services can guarantee that your IP addresses hidden. You may access the Internet and websites or services that restrict your IP address after registering for a VPN.

Web Owners often don’t appreciate bots clicking on their ads since it might get them in trouble with their ad network provider. Bot clicks skew statistics, giving other website owners inaccurate information to work with. They often set very complex firewalls that prevent such suspicious behavior on their website in order to handle this. They sometimes confuse someone like you, a client or customer, for a bot.

Take Advantage of a Free Proxy Server if your IP Address Blacklisted

A free proxy service is another option for unblocking your temporarily blocked IP. The server that sits between a user’s network and the location (website, page, etc.) they are trying to connect known as a free proxy server. The user’s IP address hidden via the proxy.

This improves the user’s privacy and anonymity online. As a consequence, if you made many login attempts, it wouldn’t show up as one IP attempting to log in again on the website’s server. Furthermore, never use public proxy servers to send personal information.

Change Your IP Address

Changing your IP address can be the first thing that comes to mind when a website momentarily restricts or forbids using it. A VPN, a proxy server, and asking your internet service provider to change your IP address are just a few of the ways you may change your IP address. You should be aware that changing your email address does not affect your IP address, therefore, attempting to log in will still result in a ban.

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