Pullovers, Shackets, and More: Selecting Menswear That Blends Prep and Performance

You’ve learned the importance of selecting premium menswear. Your clothing needs to strike the right tone while keeping you capable, no matter what the day has in store. But how do you find menswear that incorporates elevated style while keeping you comfortable and ready for anything? Overdressing is a classic mistake that anyone can spot. At the same time, you can’t always expect to get through the day’s schedule in a T-shirt and board shorts. You need clothing like pullovers, polos, and shorts that blend the best elements of winning styles in a crisp, comfortable package. Here are a few things to look for as you identify pieces that meld form and function.

Fashion Forward Pullovers, Polos, and More

Many appealing elements of west coast fashion are great, but the execution is key. You want to look laid back but definitely not overly casual, either. It often comes down to the materials and overall design. Whether you’re looking for new pullovers to usher in fall or printed polos for hitting the links, seek out clothing that combines superior performance and appearance.

For example, you’ll want that polo to feature the softness of cotton with all the benefits of an elevated fabric blend. In other words, you should look for the softest performance shirts available. But it needs to have the right look as well. After all, you want to wear your new polos or pullovers regularly, and the right look can inspire you. Instead of trying to blend in with the current fad, go for a look that honors the classic style that best suits you.

Enjoy a Bit of Top Spin

Remember, you aren’t just clothes shopping—you’re picking out pieces that support your daily performance, whether that means staying cool during business meetings or hitting the links. Your clothes should also enhance your distinguished appearance. That’s why you shouldn’t stop at the standard options everyone else wears. Get clothing that offers a little extra. Look for premium features such as slash chest pockets, vintage logos, or signature pulls. That way, you’ll smile as you take that shirt off the hanger at the start of the day.

If you’re picking out pullovers, choose one that goes above and beyond. Find features like a tonal reverse cover-stitch and a split tail. Maybe even a whistle-stop triangle detail at the neck. For your new go-to golf quarter zip, try something that’s stretchy and moisture-wicking. Some even have a heat seal logo and contrast trim. You know by now that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Don’t settle for clothing that skimps on the little details.

The Sweet Spot Between Formal and Casual

Stop taking the time to dress up for a meeting and then dress down for the rest of the day. Discover clothing that can keep you looking and feeling great in tons of different environments and situations. It pays to be able to go from casual to formal and back again without having to hit the changing room. The key to this level of versatility is a blend of east coast tradition with west coast style. It also helps to find shirts with a revolutionary tweener button that bridges the gap between “stiff” or “rigid” and “lax” or “careless.” The tweener button sits between the second and third buttons on a button up shirt. This lets you button just high (or low) enough to help you make the right impression.

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