Solar Powered Flashlight to Mini Generator: The Go-Bag Priority System

There is a difference between go-bags and “I am never coming home” bags. However, you should be packing bags based on a priority system instead. It’s hard to prepare a bag when facing many unknowns. You won’t know where you will go, what resources you will have, which first responders are available, and many other factors. While you are always likely to need a solar powered flashlight, some items are too bulky or not a priority to take immediately. Here’s how to prioritize the items you keep in your bags.

What Is the Priority System?

The point of the priority system is to enable you to leave quickly. You may not know if you need a bag to keep you alive for a single day or a week. A disaster situation is chaotic, and information may be hard to come by in the early hours of a disaster. The priority system sets up bags based on items that are more important to have rather than how long you might be gone. Using this method, you won’t have to choose which bag to take. Instead, if you need to leave immediately, you grab the first bag. If you have more time, the second. The third might be a tote bag if you have more time and a vehicle.

Solar Powered Flashlight: High Priority Items

The first bag is the essentials. For example, a solar powered flashlight will always be helpful no matter the situation or how long you’ll be gone. You will always need food and shelter, and a first aid kit is vital in disasters too. You still want to keep your bag light as you may need to move fast. This bag will look like the typical go-bag. You want it to be well-rounded with supplies. Remember that you won’t know how long you will be gone.

The Overflow Bag

The next bag is the overflow bag. This is the bag where you put everything you would want in a go-bag but don’t have room for. More clothes, food, weapons, shovels, and an extra solar powered flashlight might go in this bag. It’s probably a bigger, heavier bag than the first bag and this is where you store critical but not essential gear. It should probably still be a bag or backpack. This makes it easy to grab and go or give to a second person. It is probably the last bag you will be able to grab if you need to leave on foot.

The Long-Term Bag

If you still have time to grab another bag, this is it. It may not be a bag, either. It could be an ammo case, a tote, or a hardshell suitcase. This starts getting into more long-term survival. This might be advanced medical items, seeds for growing a garden, or reloading gear. You might want a mini generator to keep your smaller devices powered, or a solar powered cooler to keep food from spoiling. This is the bag or tote if you have time and space. Roads might already be jammed, giving you time to shove one more box in the back of your truck.

Everything Else

There is no limit to how many bags or boxes you can have ready. At this point, however, you should have the essentials covered. You can stop once you have boxes and bags that will fill your vehicle.

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