How to promote Occurrence on LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency

Have you ever wondered how to promote an event on LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency? But do you use it? The best time to start doing something is always “now”.

When it comes to promoting an event, LinkedIn is certainly not the first social media that comes to mind.

Indeed, LinkedIn has also removed the event features it once had. The feature is being revamped, but that doesn’t mean you can’t promote your event on LinkedIn.

To promote events on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is definitely underestimated when it comes to marketing. Since it entered the market in 2002, its user base has only grown.

Let’s take a look at some statistics.

  • The platform currently has over 500 million users and aims to have 3 billion.
  • Here are the real reasons why you should promote your event on LinkedIn:
  • Average users have a high salary available.
  • The content has a high organic reach.
  • There isn’t much competition when it comes to events.
  • 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

If it doesn’t look like a gold mine to you, then we don’t know what it is.

What makes LinkedIn different from other marketing channels?

LinkedIn’s purpose is to facilitate networking in a social media context. Perhaps you get the impression that it caters primarily to B2B professionals, which is true in most cases.

Yoga instructors and songwriters? You can bet on it.

How to promote an event on LinkedIn: LinkedIn isn’t just about people in suits.

On LinkedIn, there are not only people in suits and ties.

So, even if the focus is certainly on B2B, don’t despair. Check for yourself what kinds of people use the platform.

Which events are best promoted on LinkedIn?

As LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency learns more about B2B than B2C, you would be right in thinking that the type of events it is best to promote on the platform are B2B in nature.

But you will also find companies that specialize in yoga classes, music events, and cooking classes. People in suits and ties also eat and listen to music.

Use this to your advantage.

10 ways to promote an event on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a wonderful platform for marketing, and event promotion is no exception. In this the platform resembles Facebook, but LinkedIn’s organic reach is higher, and the competition will be lower.

Use LinkedIn to …

  • Share important announcements about your event
  • Post videos and pictures of past events
  • Promote networking opportunities at your event
  • Describe the location, food, and entertainment

Let’s take a look at some of the tips on how to promote an event on LinkedIn.

1. Personal status updates

LinkedIn, like Facebook, allows you to post status updates. As well as with other social platforms, status updates with images, videos or great texts are the ones that attract the most attention.

2. Company status updates

You can also create a page for your event company or the event itself. Here you can post status updates and have the most important ones appear at the top.

3. Influencer status updates

If they have influencer status, it will do wonders for your event marketing.

How to promote an event on LinkedIn: Encourage influencers to talk about your event.

Encourage influencers to talk about your event.

You should also encourage everyone involved in the event, such as venue managers and caterers, to share similar updates.

4. Published posts

On LinkedIn, you can post quite long posts. You can promote your event, but avoid being a spammer. The platform rewards useful content, so if you write a piece that is useful for others, it may appear on the LinkedIn Pulse channel, where it will gain even greater exposure.

5. LinkedIn groups

Groups on LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency are similar to groups on Facebook. You can participate in discussions and exchange views with people who have similar interests to yours.

Be careful to avoid spam in these groups. First, build relationships with group members, and earn their goodwill before advertising your event.

6. Direct messages

You can, and should, promote your event with direct messages. A free account allows you to send 50 messages at a time, but you can also use Sponsored InMail to communicate with people you’re not connected with.

Always try to make your messages personal, and don’t write too often.

7. LinkedIn ads

You can purchase text ads, which appear to the right of each user’s newsfeed. LinkedIn also gives you the option to use Sponsored Content within the newsfeed.

LinkedIn has also produced an eBook on how to best use their advertisements to promote your event.

8. Improve your profile

There are some nasty tricks you can use to draw extra attention to your event.

Use the Headline and Summary of your profile to promote your event.

Add the event website in the contact information section.

Create a Project section and insert a link to the event website.

9. Hire people

Yes, who would have thought that? LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency is the perfect place to find your team members. Whether you’re looking for volunteers or interior designers, you can post a job on LinkedIn and attract not only the talent you’re looking for… but also promote your event at the same time.

How to promote an event on LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn to find volunteers … and promote your event.

10. Connect with people

Finally, you have to remember the “social” part of any “social media”. Connect with people who like, comment, share or express interest in your event after seeing messages, updates, or sponsored content.



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