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Tips for a well-managed house extension

A growing family, a severe lack of space, or simply the desire to see bigger… Do you feel cramped in your home and are seriously considering having an extension built? If it makes it possible to obtain more m² without having to go through the moving box, the construction of a house extension requires good preparation of the ground before the work. You can get in touch with Best House Extension Builder in Leicester. Beyond the obvious space saving, what are the benefits of building an extension? What surface should be provided depending on the destination room(s)? What are the steps, steps and questions to ask when embarking on an expansion? From what price can we consider it? What good practices to live serenely the construction site? Discover all our advice in this complete file.

Why build a house extension?

When you make the decision to extend your house, the first and main reason is to gain precious square meters for a more practical, more pleasant living environment. Whether it is horizontal (by enlarging the space on the ground), vertical (by creating one or more additional floor(s)) or downwards by lowering its basement, the house extension in addition to the fact that you stay in this house that you love, has many advantages.

An economical and simple solution from a logistical point of view

When we find our house too small, the first idea that comes to mind is moving. However, in addition to being restrictive, involving many procedures and having to take the whole family to new bearings, this solution is also very expensive. Between the transport of your furniture and the purchase or construction of a new property, bridge loans, the invoice can quickly make you dizzy. The house extension can then prove to be an economical alternative and ultimately, easier to implement.

A solution that enhances your property

Saving a few meters to your house will also add value to your property. Whether or not you are in this perspective, you can in any case make a nice capital gain if you decide to sell! Moreover, an extension on an old building can either reinforce its character or, on the contrary, it can give it a contemporary touch. An undeniable asset to facilitate the sale of your property.

 A solution to redistribute your home

Gaining square meters is not the only objective of a house extension. You can also take the opportunity to rearrange your interior to make it more to your liking and more functional. Enlarge a room or create others, it’s up to you to decide according to your needs and especially your desires.

A solution for a brighter home

Adding an extension to your house necessarily means bringing it new openings that will give more clarity to your interior. Bay, roof window or skylight, seize the opportunity to bring in the light! And why not a fully glazed facade?
Today, extensions are designed not only to bring you more light but also to allow you to benefit optimally from the heat of the sun in winter, and to protect you from the heat wave in summer. A good way to save energy while taking advantage of the light outside.

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