How to Customize Your Vape With Different Liquids?

The plethora of e-liquid flavours available are among the most fascinating aspects of vaping. Many people who vape started doing so to stop smoking. And while vaping has been proven to become a very successful substitute, the majority of us would admit that the flavours are the icing on the cake. Limiting yourself to only a few flavours would make for a boring hill to die on unless you had your motivations. This is because e-liquids are a wide world, and it may be exciting to immerse one in their flavours. If you are interested in vaping then you must try Elf bar T600 disposable pod device.

However, there is a side effect of switching e-liquid flavours which are rarely discussed as we go about our everyday vaping procedures: the unpleasant aftertaste brought on by switching e-liquids in the same tank. Whenever you switch between juices with varying densities, it may damage not only the taste of your vape but also how you vape overall. New vapers frequently make this error, which is understandable if no one has ever pointed it out to you. However, we’re here to dramatically enhance your vaping experience.

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Something to Consider

There seem to be some potential causes for the foul taste in your vapour. A faulty coil can also be the cause of your vape peculiar taste in addition to the situation we just detailed. Inadequate tank filling is another example. Or you may just discover that you don’t like the taste. Occasionally you may wish to switch flavours halfway through a vape session if you notice a poor aftertaste to spare yourself the anguish of needing to use the entire tank of the same flavour. Whenever the tank is barely halfway full, you might also start to develop an intense longing for a definite taste. Most beginner vapers are unaware that they can change their e-liquids without vaping the entire tank.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you possess an extra tank because you can always utilise it. By employing a dripping atomiser, you may completely do away with the tank problem. If you only have one tank, you will be required to make do with a little washing to get rid of the unpleasant aftertaste.

Clean the Tank

You must first remove the old e-liquid from the tank and remove it from the battery. Removing the tank from the atomizer or coil head is equally important. Secondly, clean any muck that might have accumulated on the tank’s sides (this is particularly common with sub-ohm tanks that use VG-heavy e-liquids). Use warm water to give your tank a good rinse.

You might just need to apply a tiny bit of diluted soap, based on the size and composition of your tank. However, to reduce the chance of harming your tank, make sure this is stated in your consumer handbook first. When you’re finished cleaning, rub the tank with a soft cloth or paper towel to dry it. You may want to allow the tank to dry overnight if you are not in a rush to utilise it.

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Cleaning of Coils and Wicks

You cannot completely get away from any e-liquid aftertaste by simply cleaning the tank. Since here is where the liquid is burned, you should also cleanse the coil to remove any lingering flavours which might collect.

Simply swap out the cotton wick on your RDA or RBA if it uses a customized coil, and you’re good to go. Coils should typically be changed every two weeks if you smoke frequently. There shouldn’t be any extra charges to worry about if you typically switch your e-liquid tastes whenever performing routine coil changes. Vape coils aren’t that expensive, either. Even though coils weren’t the most costly vape part, there are occasions when you may have simply replaced your coil and it is inconvenient to throw it away. In this situation, you can take the coil out and put it away in a zip-lock bag that you’ll mark with the taste you utilized it with.

In this manner, you may just reinstall it the following time you choose to vape the specific taste. Don’t forget to charge it after changing the coil before tasting the new taste. This allows the cotton wick the opportunity to soak up the juice, extending coil life and preventing burnt hits, another repulsive vape flavour you do not wish to encounter. And now, lads and girls, the lecture is over.

Final Words

You’ll get the most out of the new flavour when you switch e-liquid flavours by frequently cleaning your tank along with the other parts of your vape kit and trying to make sure that your coil is in excellent shape. You’ll also keep your e-cigarette running much longer.

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