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How to clean long-haired carpets: we prepare for winter.

At the end of September, the cold begins to arrive, and although there are still a few fortnights of comings and goings of heat, many of us consider putting away the fine summer rugs and taking out coats for the floor of our home. We want to get out of bed and put our bare feet on a soft, long-haired rug that insulates us from the cold.


We seek to cover the floor so that there is only one icy tile or board to step on by mistake. And for that, we need shaggy rugs, like our Shaggy collection. But do you know how to clean long-haired sheepskin rug faux? We are preparing for winter!


Peculiarities of long-pile rugs

Fur rugs are ideal for winter. On the one hand, they help partly heat the house and conserve the heat inside, in the same way that a coat maintains body heat. On the other hand, its comfort means that our feet can continue to be barefoot, like in summer, something that we appreciate, especially when we wake up.


However, pile rugs have the disadvantage of being magnets for dirt. The shape of their fabric means that dust in suspension settles more on them than on any other surface or that the dirt that we carry in our shoes is fixed more quickly.


This makes cleaning more complex, and we must take some precautionary measures to prevent it from staining more than it should.


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How often do I have to vacuum or shake a shaggy rug?

If we recommend vacuuming an average carpet once every one or two weeks, the hair carpets are closer to the week and even twice a week. They tend to get dirty faster so superficial layers of dust, hair or grit will have to be removed soon.


However, we draw attention to the used power of the vacuum cleaner. Unlike fine rugs, such as the Alhambra mentioned in the article on round rugs, pile rugs can be damaged if we pull too much on the fibres.


Better to vacuum at medium power if our vacuum cleaner has a power regulator or use the largest nozzle we have. Another advice regarding cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is not to make sudden movements on the fabric. Instead of drawing straight lines with the vacuum from one side of the carpet to the other, it is a good idea to go inch by inch, raising the vacuum and letting it fall on the surface to be vacuumed. This way, we do not stretch the fibres.


We will also have to shake a pile of the carpet more often than one that does not have it. This way, we prevent the dirt from penetrating to the bottom, making it more difficult to vacuum it. If we discover any stain, we refer you to the article in which we talked about removing a stain from the carpet. And if you have a pet at home, this other article about animals and clean carpets is almost mandatory reading, although we will touch on something in this article.


How to prevent our shag rug from staining

“It is not the cleanest who cleans the most, but the one who dirties the least”, goes the saying. And if our goal is that the pile carpet is clean, what less than to prevent dirt from accumulating on it with some tips?


A shoe rack at the entrance of the house

We advised parents who wanted to play with their children on the carpet to leave their shoes at the house’s entrance. We introduce everything we have stepped on the street when we walk around the house with street shoes. A shoe rack at the house’s entrance with house slippers solves this.

The animals, off (this) rug

In many homes, pets have one or several highly comfortable places: a unique cushion, a blanket or rug just for them, and even custom sofas. We often also let them get on the couch or on the bed. But even there, it is easier to remove the hairs since, in long-haired carpets, these are stuck, and their removal is cumbersome.

Under the table, better a thin rug.

Although less suitable for winter, thin rugs are more comfortable for the dining area. These get much less dirty than shag rugs, where stains and food debris are much more difficult to remove. Remember that we often step on the carpet with the dining table, making it more difficult to remove it for cleaning. In addition, this weight leaves a mark on the grey rugs for living room.


During the cold months, we look for rugs to warm up our home a little, something in which thick and dark rugs help a lot. However, we do not want to live enslaved by its hygiene. That is why we recommend cleaning the shag rug at least once a week with a vacuum cleaner, as it will save us from bigger and heavier cleanings, in addition to tips to prevent shag rugs from picking up more dirt.


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Note: Imperial Rooms Rugs is not responsible for the defects that may be caused by the application of these cleaning and care tips since the products and tools mentioned are advisable, but depending on how they are applied, they could deteriorate the rugs. This is because the materials in each rug are unique, and their dyes and composition will react in different ways. We always recommend professional carpet restoration and cleaning.

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