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Facebook: The Key Data For An Effective Communication Strategy In 2022

Are you working on your digital strategy for 2022? Digital Marketing Agency Mohali here is a small list of the latest key data for effective communication on Facebook!

Facebook in a few figures

2.895 billion active users on Facebook!

66% of them connect to the platform every day.

Namely that today the share of active users of Facebook is greater than the population of China and India combined.

Facebook retains its place as the most widely used social network in the world.

+7.2% active users over the year 2021

The number of daily active users of Facebook has thus increased by 123 million in 2021.

This increase in active users should be taken into consideration in your communication strategy on social networks!

India the country with the most active users

The Top 3 countries with the most Facebook users are:
  1. India with 340 million active users
  2. USA with 200 million active users
  3. Indonesia with 140 million active users

France does not reach the Top 10 countries with the most active users, however its 33 million users represent 59.4% of the French population aged over 13 (51.4% women and 48.5% men).

If your company is still not present on this social network, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it would be time to think about it seriously!

Facebook User Profiles

Men are in the majority on the platform: 56.4%

The share of male users is 56.4% while that of female users is 43.6%.

However, this global statistic is not representative of France, Social Media Marketing Agency Mohali whose users are mostly women: 51.5%  against 48.5% men.

25-34 year olds are the most represented segment on Facebook

Facebook is used by all age groups even if it does not appeal to all parts of the population in the same way.

The proportion of “young people” between 13 and 17 years old is almost equivalent to that of over 65s , Digital Marketing Agency Mohali so it is ultimately quite low . Generation Z being more represented on other more visual platforms such as TikTok or Instagram.

  • 13-17 year olds : 5.8% of Facebook’s total advertising audience
  • 18-24 year olds : 22.7% of Facebook’s total advertising audience
  • 25-34 years old : 31.1% of the total Facebook advertising audience
  • 35-44 years old : 17.8% of Facebook’s total advertising audience
  • 45-54 years old : 10.7% of Facebook’s total advertising audience
  • 55-64 years old : 6.7% of Facebook’s total advertising audience
  • +65 years old : 5.3% of Facebook’s total advertising audience
98.5% mobile users

Facebook is mainly viewed by its users on the phone 98.5% . 81.8% of them access it only with their mobile, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali against 1.5% who connect via a computer.

Android is the majority operating system on Facebook: 81.8% of users against 14.8% at Apple.

User interactions on the platform

On a global scale , the typical user interacts on average in this way per month:

  • 11 liked posts
  • 5 comments left on publications
  • 1 post share
  • 12 clicks on advertisements

These data are not representative of all countries and do not show particularities linked to gender or age groups.

For example, women leave more comments than men , the average is 7 while it is 4 for men .
Women are also more likely to click on Facebook ads than men, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali with 14 clicks for women compared to 10 for men.

Regarding the notable features , women aged 45 to 64 represent the age group that clicks the most on Facebook ads: 20 clicks on average per me.

This data is very interesting because it allows you to better target your advertising campaigns and set realistic goals.

Average engagement rates by post type

No. 1) The statutes: 0.17%

The posts with the highest engagement rate are status posts with a rate of 0.17% (i.e. 1 engagement/588 followers).

No. 2) Photos: 0.16%

Photo posts have an average engagement rate of 0.16% , which is almost as much as statuses (i.e. 1 engagement/625 followers)

No. 3) Videos: 0.13%

Video posts have an engagement rate of 0.13% , which places them in 3rd position in the ranking.

No. 4) Links: 0.05%

Link posts are the ones with the least engagement: 0.05% .
This rate can be explained in several ways, on the one hand because people who click on the link leave the platform without having clicked on “like” or “comment”. On the other hand, because Facebook’s algorithm (as with many other social networks) does not favor publications incorporating links, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali which reduces the number of impressions and the chances of generating engagement.

Engagement rate based on the number of subscribers

Beyond the type of publication , the engagement rate also varies according to the number of subscribers to a page.

  • Pages with 10,000 fans: 0.39% engagement rate (i.e. 1 engagement/256 subscribers)
  • Pages between 10,000 and 100,000 fans: 0.22% engagement rate (i.e. 1 engagement/455 subscribers)
  • Pages with more than 100,000 fans : 0.08% engagement rate (i.e. 1 engagement/1250 subscribers)

There ! Facebook has no more secrets for you! It’s time to prepare your content strategy and plan your advertising campaigns!

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