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Everything You Need To Know About Writing A Case Study


Case studies can be different from any other assignment that you get. As they are not like typical essays or assignments where you just need to write about a topic. But instead, they focus on one single case and dig deeper into everything related to that case. That’s why some students need help from professional case study writers to write better case studies. So, this helps them gain good grades.

What Is a Case Study?

What Is a Case Study

Before starting it we can say, a case study is a subcategory of the research design as it investigates problems and offers various solutions. With the help of this, a case study can range from academic research studies to corporate promotional tools that help you sell an idea when the scope is vast.

Difference Between Research Paper And Case Study

Difference Between Research Paper And Case Study

As we have known about it already a research paper turns the reader’s attention to a certain problem. But, the case studies can go even further. A case study guideline requires students to pay attention to the smaller details, examine issues in depth, and use various research methods. For instance, a case study will be used to examine court cases if you are studying law, or say a patient’s health history if you are studying medicine.

Furthermore, case studies can involve a lot of storytelling; they are used to examine particular cases for a person or a group of people. With help of all this, a research method can be proved to be helpful as well as practical. As it can give a lot of hands-on information. Most commonly, the length of the case study can be about 500 to 900 words which is less than an average research paper.

At last, the structure of the case study can be similar to storytelling. Also, it can have a protagonist or the main character. Many students need online case study help as most people can’t do it on their own. As we already know a case study is kind of a problem that you try to solve. You can use actions in your story and everything. It will have an introduction, a rising action, a climax, and a transformation that occurs.

Types of Case Studies

After knowing it all, we can say that the case study’s main purpose is to provide a detailed report on any event. An institute, a place, a person, or anything. All these are very common types of case studies, but their types depend on the topic. Here are some of the most common domains where case study help is required.


Firstly, Case studies can be great to learn from. As historical events can have different sources in offering perspectives, or a modern example can be used to apply, compare, and analyse this point of view.


Secondly, these case studies can be used to solve a problem. Because they can be assigned as theoretical situations where you have to immerse yourself in a situation to examine it. Let’s say you are working for a startup and you have noticed a significant flaw in the product design. But, before you take it to the senior manager, you will like to study the issue in detail and provide a solution. On a much larger scale, your problem-focused case studies can be an important part of discussions about society and the economy.

A cumulative case study will collect the information and offer different comparisons. In business, a case study can be used to tell people about the product and its value.


This is one sensitive type of case study as it explores the causes and effects of a certain case.


A case study that describes events, and investigates the outcomes and the lessons learned.

Case Study Format

A case study format will be made up of eight parts. They are defined below:

First of all Executive summary: It explains what you are going to examine in the case study. You can write an overview of the field you are researching. Make a thesis statement and sum up the results and observations in a maximum of two sentences.

After the executive summary we have background: this provides a lot of background information that will be relevant to facts and isolates the issues.

In the case of evaluation, you can isolate the sections of the study that you want to focus on. In this, you can explain why something is working and why something is not.

Furthermore, a proposed solution can offer many realistic ways to solve what you think is not working or how you may improve the condition. You can explain how all such solutions work by offering testable evidence. You can even get online case study help.


This summarizes the main points from case evaluations and a proposed solution. Like having recommendations, talk about the strategy that you choose. Also, explain if this choice is most appropriate.

  • Implement: here you may explain how you put the strategy into action
  • Reference: Provide all the citations


Setting Up the Research

Let us begin, it does not matter if you write the case study on your own or get help from a case study writing service. You should remember that research has to come first. As you have to read different resources and analyse others’ points of view. All of this will help you come up with creative solutions. As you can include all the necessary research. Students can write a case study and make some time for it. The research process will involve the following things:

let us quickly analyse the following points…

·   Define the objective: you have to explain all the reasons why you are presenting the subject. Like figuring out where you will feature the case study.

·        Who do you think will be the right person for the case study? You can get permission, quotes, and other features. With all this, you can make your case study much more effective. Get in touch with the candidate to see if they approve of being part of your work. You can study the candidate’s situation and note down what you have caused it.

·        Identify the different consequences that can result from such a situation.

·        Identify the different consequences that can result from this situation. Follow all the guidelines on how you can start the case study. You can search the internet for general information that you believe will be useful.

·        Make a list of all the credible sources and examine them. Seek out important facts and highlight the problems. You can write down the ideas and make sure to brainstorm them.

· one can focus on several key issues, like why they exist and how they can impact the research subjects. students can come up with unique solutions, draw a discussion, read about it, and share your personal experiences. When you write a case study, you can focus on the best solutions and explore them in depth. Once you have all the research in place, writing a case study will be easier. You may also want to first check the rubrics and criteria for the assignment writing.

The rubrics

Maybe your instructor is looking for slightly different criteria and you have something different to offer. Every case study rubric will have the same standards. Your professor should exhibit eight outcomes.

·        You can identify the concepts, theories, and practises in the discipline.

·        Evaluate the legal and ethical principles that can apply to this decision-making.

·        As it can recognise the global importance and contribute to the case.

·        one can reconstruct a coherent summary and explanation of the study.

·        All this can demonstrate analytical and critical thinking.

·        You can have an interaction between nature and the environment.

Case Study Outline

Here you may look at the structure of the outline that is based on the different issues, for example, the alcoholic addiction of thirty people.


  • The statement of the issue: it defines that alcoholism can be a disease instead of a weakness.
  • Presentation of the problem: alcohol is affecting a huge population in the USA. This makes it the third most common mental illness.
  • We know that alcoholism can be at a more severe stage of this addiction that leads to the disorder spectrum.
  • The hypothesis is that drinking in excess can lead to the use of other drugs.
  • The importance of the story: how the information that you present can help people with addiction.


  • The story background: you can include an explanation of why you have chosen the topic.
  • Presentation of analysis and data: you can describe the criteria for choosing, say, 30 candidates, the structure, and the overview of the outcomes.
  • How many people suffer from anxiety and depression?


Concluding statement:

Just like it was observed in this case, we have researched if alcoholism is a disease and found out.

Recommendation: we have taken all the necessary methods and actions for reducing alcohol consumption.

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