Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Hashtags

Instagram is a massive platform and people are always looking to get visibility by using this platform. They use to adopt different techniques and choose strong marketing skills to promote their content. What they most prefer while sharing content is to generate more engagements so they work according to it. Most businesses are using this platform to stand their ground. The number of businesses is increasing on this platform as now Instagram has become a massive business marketplace. People use to buy real Instagram followers UK for their account too so that they can show people that they are trustworthy.

There is a number of ways that are really effective for the promotion and marketing of products on Instagram. What you have to do is to adopt consistency and never put yourself in too hurry. One of the more efficient ways is to use hashtags to get more engagements to your posts that you share with your audience. As we already tell you that there are a number of effective ways but the use of Instagram hashtags is get you what you are looking for in a short time. In this article, we are going to guide you all about hashtags that what is an Instagram hashtag? And why do they have much importance for marketing purposes?

What are IG hashtags?

Hashtags are the special type of words and characters that are used to represent a special brand word or anything about it. Moreover, there are also some hashtags having special symbols and signs and it makes a hashtag. Hashtags are used to target specific audiences even from a specific location and of specific ages. All these goals you can achieve by just using hashtags in your posts. Instagram allows its users to use up to 30 hashtags in each of your posts that is really enough number to achieve to get better results.

Hashtags allow businesses to target the right audience for their business that can help to increase sales. As much the sales increase there is a chance to increase profits by increasing the number of engagements using some good hashtags in posts. People are usually used to writing hashtags in the search bar when they are looking for specific niche-related posts according to their needs and interest. So if you want to find out an audience that has an interest in your niche then must use hashtags related to the niche.

Moreover, there are some top hashtags that have millions of traffic to their search and people usually use them to search about them. Some of them have a search volume of millions and others are in billions.

Top 50 hashtags on Instagram

  1. #love (1.835B)
  2. #instagood (1.150B)
  3. #fashion (812.7M)
  4. #photooftheday (797.3M)
  5. #beautiful (661.0M)
  6. #art (649.9M)
  7. #photography (583.1M)
  8. #happy (578.8M)
  9. #picoftheday (570.8M)
  10. #cute (569.1M)
  11. #follow (560.9M)
  12. #tbt (536.4M)
  13. #followme (528.5M)
  14. #nature (525.7M)
  15. #like4like (515.6M)
  16. #travel (497.3M)
  17. #instagram (482.6M)
  18. #style (472.3M)
  19. #repost (471.4M)
  20. #summer (454.2M)
  21. #instadaily (444.0M)
  22. #selfie (422.6M)
  23. #me (420.3M)
  24. #friends (396.7M)
  25. #fitness (395.8M)
  26. #girl (393.8M)
  27. #food (391.9M)
  28. #fun (385.6M)
  29. #beauty (382.8M)
  30. #instalike (374.6M)
  31. #smile (364.5M)
  32. #family (357.7M)
  33. #photo (334.6M)
  34. #life (334.5M)
  35. #likeforlike (328.2M)
  36. #music (316.1M)
  37. #ootd (308.2M)
  38. #follow4follow (290.6M)
  39. #makeup (285.3M)
  40. #amazing (277.5M)
  41. #igers (276.5M)
  42. #nofilter (268.9M)
  43. #dog (264.0M)
  44. #model (254.7M)
  45. #sunset (249.8M)
  46. #beach (246.8M)
  47. #instamood (238.1M)
  48. #foodporn (229.4M)
  49. #motivation (229.1M)
  50. #followforfollow (227.9M)

These are the top 50 hashtags on Instagram that are mostly used by people in their posts. It is due to the number of engagements that they can make by using hashtags. And you can also do the same if you use these hashtags in your posts.

As you know about the popular hashtags now we are going to describe to you the types of hashtags that are most widely used by people.

  • Product or Service hashtags:

Businesses or organizations that want to showcase their products as well as services to audiences use these types of hashtags. People will come to know about that what you are dealing with and some of the examples of these hashtags are #tshirts #autotunning

  • Niche Hashtags:

These kinds of hashtags are specifically used to describe what kind of industry you belong to and deal with. There is a number of businesses with different niches are available on Instagram and you must need define which industry you belong to. One of the examples of niche hashtags is #travelblogger.

  • Location hashtags:

People on Instagram belong to different locations from all over the world. If you are dealing in a specific physical location then you can also target an audience from that location by choosing location hashtags in your posts. For example #london.

Final Words

Hashtags are really effective to grow your account on Instagram. That’s why people who use to buy real Instagram followers UK for their account pay much attention to hashtags to achieve what they are looking for. We have described in detail how you can use them that can work for your businesses.



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