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Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages | Kids Coloring Pages

Christmas Coloring Pages your kids will appreciate coloring in the original coloring pages that children’s book author and illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg has made for Christmas. These Christmas Coloring Pages, nevertheless, are not your regular festive Christmas coloring pages! Not at all! These printable, free images can be used for crafts or other activities. Win-win!

Christmas coloring sheets can be found in three different categories:

Christmas coloring sheets can be found in three different categories:

  • Christmas scenes that you’ll want to jump into!
  • These activity papers can keep kids from becoming bored!
  • Christmas ornaments serving as decorations!


Christmas carolers who perform. Why not play Christmas music or a playlist of your favorite Christmas carols as you enjoy coloring in this festive scene with carolers and the gift of holiday snacks? The ambiance on both sides perfectly captures what is cozy and pleasant about the present time. A lovely image of a snowy landscape and carolers singing songs of world peace can be seen on one side. On the other hand, the warm and cozy kitchen is where all the holiday preparations are made.

Kwanzaa Kangaroos:

I can guess that some of you are perplexed and wondering why kangaroos have anything to do with the Christmas season. You can give it any meaning you choose! You can also use this comical coloring page instead of a standard greeting card because it has a gift-giving theme.


Wheeee! Who wouldn’t want to race at breakneck speed down the slope? If the weather doesn’t let you go sledding, you should make your own instead of venturing outside. Additionally, you may cut out each snowflake independently and use them to make stick puppets or tree ornaments.

The coloring sheet for Skating Party served as inspiration for the entire series. Greenberg’s first contribution to this site is a photograph of a winter wonderland. Without a doubt, the students are ecstatic to be able to spend the day outside rather than at a desk in class.


Build a miniature Christmas village. Four town businesses from Aunt Lilly’s Laundromat would look lovely displayed on a tabletop scene or beneath a Christmas tree. You may even include them in your child’s train set as an alternative! After coloring, cutting out, and folding the design, you might have some fantastic pretend play with the three-dimensional buildings. Don’t forget how important it is to read the book, either!

On a tree coloring page, fill in the blanks. Children may color, cut out, and use the ornamental boxes on this free coloring page to decorate a Christmas tree. Build a cute gingerbread house, and then use four gingerbread people’s finger puppets to adorn it. This playset is perfect for role-playing games and might be included in the Christmas village’s shops.


an ornament that is not religiously specific. Do you and your family follow multiple religions, or do you want to instill respect for those who do in your kid? This ornament coloring page, which includes images from both Hanukkah and Christmas and the peace dove, is ideal for you to complete.


With a dove on it. You could make only one Christmas ornament using this charming example if you wanted to. But what you’ll want to do is print off numerous copies of this lovely coloring page of a double dove ornament, color it, cut it out, and then hang it up as a garland!

Ornaments in the heavens. Your Christmas tree might look like it belongs in a fantasy by being decorated with moons and stars. The theme of the night sky may even help your kids fall asleep on Christmas Eve. Don’t hesitate to dream.

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