Can I Change Attorneys Once Divorce Proceedings Are Underway?

There are many situations where a change of attorney is essential to the outcome of your case. At the same time, if you have a good reason to change your divorce lawyer. Even NOT making changes can be a big mistake. The decision to change lawyers can be difficult. And it’s important to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. After hiring a lawyer, making the decision to change your representation can be very difficult. Even if you know it will be in your best interest to change.

The good news`

is that until the case is closed. You can always hire a lawyer to represent you during the divorce. If you are facing a divorce, you need to hire a qualified lawyer to represent you. And you are facing a divorce, it is important that you have complete trust in your lawyer and the firm. If your spouse has already used a divorce lawyer, you will need your own lawyer.  You may want to think twice before changing lawyers during divorce proceedings. You can also change lawyers during a divorce if you and your lawyer can no longer see your divorce strategy in the eye. Or if you simply no longer trust your lawyer. There are other times when you may want to change your divorce lawyer. Such as due to differences in strategy. Personal conflicts, or just not on the same wavelength.

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Do I Have a Good Reason?

Before deciding to switch, it is important to determine why are you dissatisfied with a divorce attorney and whether it makes sense to switch attorneys now. Changing attorneys in your divorce or guardianship case is an important decision. Even if nothing is currently happening in your case, switching divorce lawyers’ mid-way will cost you money and time. While you may think this is normal, many divorce attorneys are reluctant to take on a case that goes to court a week or two later.

Litigation may also take longer than expected`

especially if one of the parties is against the divorce. A typical divorce process takes more than 9 months or even years. The legal process for divorce or separation can take a long time, often months or more, and sometimes years. Depending on the complexity of your case, from resources to whether the divorce is contested or not, it can take many months or years to get through the system. If you and your spouse have been stuck in a battle for years or your case is complex, paying a new divorce lawyer to spend several days reviewing your case can be costly. Hiring a lawyer during divorce proceedings can cost you more than if you did it in the beginning.

    Choose Your Lawyer wisely 

If you know that you犀利士
r divorce is likely to end in court. Choose a lawyer who is experienced in litigation and can guide you through the entire process. When divorce proceedings begin. You need a lawyer who can not only deal with the problems that arise in the process. But also guide you and calm your nerves in the process. The best divorce and custody lawyers will be honest with you about where you are in the process. And will provide you with a range of likely legal fees to help you.
After all, your lawyer is ostensibly an expert in divorce cases and the justice system. Keep in mind that the family court judge cannot give you any advice during the trial. And you will be on the same level as your spouse’s attorney.

When not to change a Lawyer 

Before allowing you to drop your divorce lawyer, the judge may ask you to agree to a trial according to the plan, even if you don’t have a new lawyer by the date of the trial. If the divorce settlement is not yet finalized, you can file a motion to stop the court from making a decision to settle the divorce, which will result in the proceedings being terminated. When a spouse does not respond to a divorce petition, the spouse who filed for divorce can still move forward. If a couple changes their mind about the divorce and wants to stay married, they can withdraw their divorce application to stop the divorce before it starts. If you and your spouse are able to reach an amicable settlement on your own, you can file what is known as an “uncontested” divorce. You can also settle a divorce without having to go to court if you resolve it through mediation or other form of mutual agreement.

Consider Before Changing Your Attorney 

Although a divorce always involves a lawyer. And sometimes no lawyer, that doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest to not have them. In particular, the best divorce or guardianship attorneys (often in high demand) may decline representation if the client has already contacted several attorneys. New York allows changing attorneys during a divorce. Which can be a good option, but not always. It may be difficult or impossible to switch lawyers in the weeks or months leading up to a trial or hearing.

Our experienced at`

Stepanian Law Firm, divorce attorneys can assess your current situation. And help you with all your options. Before you decide to take off your gloves and call a pit bull to deal with a divorce. Consider these guidelines on when, why. And how to change lawyers. If you are in the midst of a divorce or any family law case. And you feel like your attorney is not representing you the way you should be. Feel free to call Stepanian Law Firm today. As a lawyer, we at Stepanian Law Firm want our clients to fully understand their cases. And never feel left in the dark.

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