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Angular Vs. ReactJS: Which is the Best for Your Project?

Angular Vs. ReactJS

Businesses want to develop feature-rich, eye-pleasing web development solutions for better user engagement on their websites or web apps.

If you’re planning to develop an interactive web application or website, you must have thought about AngularJS and ReactJS.

AngularJS and ReactJS are popular and excellent JavaScript-based technologies; these techs often create confusion among businesses based on their functionalities. Well, you are not the only one; numerous entrepreneurs are unsure between these two, which one to choose and which to let go of.

However, you can create a list of your development needs and select between AngularJS and ReactJS. Based on the list of requirements, you can either hire a ReactJS development company or an AngularJS web development company to help you choose the right tech between the two and build the right web development solution.

This blog highlights the key points of difference between AngularJS and ReactJS.

Data Binding Process

AngularJS uses the two-way data binding process (bidirectional process), which means implementing any change on one side will automatically reflect on the other. For example, if there is a change in the value of the property in the component class.

This process minimizes the development time, as the View layer depicts the Model layer without any change to ensure smooth synchronization.

The data binding process in ReactJS is a one-way data binding, which means data flow only in one direction. The data binding process is unidirectional, which helps developers to stay more in control of the web application.

Because the data binding process is unidirectional, this data binding process keeps the complexities under control. It helps developers to stay more in control of the web application and makes it easy to debug self-contained web applications.


This framework uses the MVC approach that divides the process of formulating a web application into three parts: Model, View, and Controller.

MVC architecture is widely used to develop various websites and web apps. It separates the logic from the presentation layer, allowing to create every part independently. AngularJS supports the MVC architecture to manipulate the DOM directly from code within the controller.

In the ReactJS library, there is no such MVC architecture, which means it doesn’t allow the independent creation of different aspects of a website or web app. It lacks the separation of the logic from the presentation layer. It creates complexity, and developing a web app or website takes time.


With the introduction of Virtual DOM, there has been a significant improvement in the performance of applications developed on ReactJS. All the virtual Document-Object-Model trees are lightweight, which helps reduce the load of browsers. The data binding process is unidirectional, so debugging a web app becomes significantly easy.

On the other hand, AngularJS works on the bidirectional data binding process, which negatively affects web application performance. A watcher is assigned to track the binding changes, and every loop continues until all the associated values and watchers are checked. Thus, it levels up the performance of an application because for tracking every change, there is an assigned watcher to check it in the view model.


Both technologies have some advantages and disadvantages on their own, and there is no foolproof solution that fits every specific problem. Despite all the differences, AngularJS and ReactJS are becoming the most preferred choices for front-end development.

If you are a large-scale enterprise looking to develop a highly scalable, feature-rich, and high-performing web application or website, then AngularJS is the best suit for you. You have to hire AngularJS developers to fulfill your development needs.

However, if you are a business that does not limit itself, you can choose ReactJS development services from a reliable company. The choice is yours to choose the company according to your project’s requirements.

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