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9 Must-Have Features That Every E-Commerce Mobile App Should Have

eCommerce applications have become a way of life for many digitally adept consumers. Furthermore, since the advent of the eCommerce business, individuals have found it much easier to purchase online. And as the epidemic spread, this became a need rather than a necessity. Plus, instead of switching your computer, you can log in with a single touch, bringing internet shopping to your fingertips. 

In other words, the growing usage of smart devices, particularly mobile phones, has resulted in a boom in the eCommerce business. In the previous six months, 79 percent of smartphone users completed an online purchase using their mobile device. Even inside a physical store, 80 percent of customers use a mobile phone to look up product reviews, compare pricing, or research alternative store locations.

However, there are various eCommerce applications on the market, most of which barely survive while some work admirably. Ultimately, it all comes down to how your eCommerce mobile app stands out from the crowd and provides an unrivaled consumer experience.

Let’s look at some of the must-have eCommerce mobile app development features that can help you take your business to the next level.

Features of the Best eCommerce Mobile Apps

The following are the top app features you should concentrate on during all phases of e-commerce mobile app development:

1. Easy Login & Registration

Simplify the login process for your app by simplifying registration forms, enabling users to use their email address as the login, allowing them to log in using external accounts such as Facebook or Google, or by using an individual passcode. Easier access leads to a greater conversion rate and volume of purchases.

Users do not need to enter much information to begin using the app. A mobile app store is significantly more accessible with a quick entrance point.

2. Simple to Use Product Screening and Sorting

You must have helpful sorting and filtering options if you sell a wide variety of items. By decreasing the number of steps a consumer must take to identify the goods they want, you will improve sales and provide a great user experience, resulting in user brand loyalty.

This feature lets consumers quickly discover the goods they’re looking for without browsing your full catalog.

3. Product Gallery

A product page is incomplete unless it has a proper product gallery with at least a few images of the item. Some buyers are hesitant to purchase online since they cannot evaluate the goods like they would at a traditional, brick-and-mortar store. You may effectively handle this issue by including many images that show the object from various perspectives and in multiple circumstances.

A gallery allows buyers to see a product from various perspectives, bringing them closer to the delightful buying experience they would have in a physical store. You may also provide 3D product representations, allowing consumers to flip the product around to see it better.

4. Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is essential for every eCommerce mobile app development, and mobile shopping apps are no exception. Including a shopping cart in your store provides a great user experience and customers with options. However, your mobile e-commerce app needs to adapt to user preferences and habits.

A shopping cart enables clients to complete their purchases in stages as they see fit. For example, a user may add a product to their basket and return it if they do not want to go to checkout immediately. This eliminates the need to repeatedly add things to the shopping basket, saving customers time.

5. Safe and Straightforward In-app Payments 

Today, in-app payments are a regular feature of e-Commerce mobile apps. As a result, you speed the purchase process and offer an outstanding user experience by providing consumers with various safe payment ways.

Customers may use this tool to swiftly and securely pay for their orders. Payment gateways provide a variety of payment alternatives, including internet transfers, credit card payments, and payments using mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Samsung Pay, among others.

6. Quick and Easy Checkout

Because checkout is the final step in any transaction, your eCommerce mobile app must provide a quick and easy checkout. Automatic checkout details based on profile and guest checkouts are essential features of modern eCommerce mobile apps. The user must be able to finish the transaction in the shortest amount of time and with the least effort. It is critical to reduce cart abandonment.

7. Real-Time Notifications & Alerts

How do you react when you receive updates and notifications regarding your most anticipated product or item? Are you excited? This is what happens to customers when they receive a message or alert regarding the whereabouts of their merchandise.

Not only that, but you can also tell your app users about any discount or holiday deals that you make available to them. It will keep your users up to date and enhance your company’s revenue.

8. Wishlist

We all have a wishlist, sometimes known as a bucket list. So why don’t we include a wishlist option in the app that allows consumers and app users to save their favorite things to purchase later?

Adding your favorite products or services to your wishlist is something we’ve all done while shopping online. As a result, you must include a wishlist function in your app and provide your consumers the freedom to add their chosen items to the wishlist.

9. Feedback System

A lack of a feedback mechanism might harm your brand’s image. According to one survey, customers are likely to tell at least 16 individuals about their unpleasant encounters. When you incorporate an efficient feedback system into your app, users may report any issue and make solutions.

Consider including extensive feedback forms within your app. You can learn about their difficulties and needs. Sending email survey forms asking customers to review your e-commerce app is another technique to acquire helpful thinking input from them.

Final Thoughts

So, you should include these elements in your eCommerce mobile app development. Whether creating an eCommerce app from the start or seeking information on constructing an online store, this list will help you make your app stand out.

If you want help creating a mobile application for your eCommerce business or design services, connect with AppIncubator. We are a top eCommerce app development company with an experienced team of eCommerce mobile app developers. We will analyze your company’s needs and target audience before recommending the best option for you.

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