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Top Five Healthcare app development Companies

App development Companies

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid transformation in response to rising patient expectations for individualized care.

92% of healthcare app development companies consider personalization a key strategic focus. Personalized healthcare and medical experience would improve the health of countless people all over the world, making it more than just a top strategic priority.

As a result, there is a growing need as technologies propel a sea change across the healthcare industry.

Amidst all this change, a few innovative healthcare app development companies fuel the revolution.

Healthcare app development firms are constructing effective healthcare systems by leveraging technologies like AI, ML, and IoT, which open up infinite possibilities.

Let’s discuss the five most successful app development firms in the medical and healthcare industries.


Among businesses, Appincubator is among the rare that can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. It is widely recognized as a leading developer of mobile applications serving the healthcare sector. The breadth of the company’s innovative digital offerings gives credence to this claim. This firm specializes in medical app development. They have groups of experts in design, testing, analytics, and app development who can anticipate consumer wants and needs. They are tops when it comes to developing fitness and health apps for mobile devices. The company has completed several large projects in collaboration with well-known brands worldwide. That a customer’s requirements should be translated into a cutting-edge technological solution is a core tenet of their business.

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Founded In 2019
No. Of employees, 50-249,
Clutch review 5.0
Hourly Rate $50 – $99 / hr.


When it comes to developing healthcare apps, iTechArt is widely regarded as a market leader. This healthcare mobile app development company is dependable because they use security protocols like HIPAA and PHIPA in their custom healthcare development projects. Since its founding in 2002, iTechArt has amassed a staff of over 3,500 developers who contribute to various ongoing projects

 More than 350 clients, ranging from multinational corporations to startups, have been served by the healthcare app development company.

Founded In 2002
No.of employees 1000-9999
Clutch review 4.9
Hourly Rate $50 – $99 / hr.


Interexy is a healthcare app development firm headquartered in Miami, USA, and an additional office in Minsk, Belarus. Since its inception in 2017, the company has provided high-quality healthcare solutions to many customers, including doctors and nurses, patients, fitness enthusiasts, hospitals, and more. Interexy’s custom mobile app development services have benefited over fifty successful projects for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. The team’s proficiency in cutting-edge mobile app technologies and frameworks, combined with the experience of its fifty or more app developers and fifty or more marketers, ensures the highest level of reliability.

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Founded In 2017
No. Of employees 50-249
Clutch review 4.8
Hourly Rate $50 – $99 / hr.


If your business or organization is looking to make a difference in the world, you need to talk to Netguru, an application development firm specializing in creating custom digital solutions and software. Together, they solve customer problems with innovative software products for the world’s most successful startups, Fortune 500 companies, and household names in every industry around the globe.

Netguru is a game-changer because it creates digital products that give businesses an edge over rivals.

The likes of TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Product Hunt have all featured numerous of their products.

Founded In 2008
No. Of employees 250-999
Clutch review 4.8
Hourly Rate $50 – $99 / hr.


Founded in 1986, ScienceSoft is an IT consulting and software development firm with a global presence and 32 years of experience. The company is headquartered in the United States, with additional offices in Europe and the Middle East. Companies in 30+ sectors, including healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation and logistics, and the entertainment industry, benefit from ScienceSoft’s 700+ experts who provide omnidirectional technological support. IT consulting, enterprise software development, software as a service product creation, data analytics, application management, modernization, support and maintenance services, IT infrastructure services, testing, and quality assurance are all part of the company’s offerings.

Founded In 1989
No. Of employees 250-999
Clutch review 4.8
Hourly Rate $50 – $99 / hr.

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To sum up, 

finding a trustworthy collaborator in the medical product development process may be challenging. Appincubator is just one of the thousands of companies worldwide that focus on healthcare mobile app development; however, they stand out because they truly go above and beyond for their clients. They are also tech-savvy, which is essential in the ever-changing healthcare industry.

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