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Wipe Off QuickBooks Company File Error 6073, -99001

When users attempt to open the company file but are unable to do so, they typically encounter QuickBooks Errors 6073. It typically shows on the screen when you try to access a company file when it is already open on some other PC, and the incorrect setting of the File forbids this. The enterprise edition of QuickBooks experiences this error.

However, you need not worry as this article shall cover all the aspects related to the QuickBooks error 6073 and 99001 and make sure that the error gets resolved on your PC.

You might see the following error message on your desktop screen:


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QuickBooks Company File Error 6073: Common contributors to the error

If you wish to access your company file from multiple computers at once, you must use a specific option. The QuickBooks Error code 6073 could result from failing to accomplish this. These are the contributing factors to this error:

  • If the company file is operating in single-user mode on a different system.
  • Your File is put in a network folder that is read-only.
  • If the shared folder is hosted on a Linux server and you are logging in with multiple sets of credentials.
  • When remote software accesses your File, it reveals that the user is still logged in on the host computer.
  • The company file you use might be harmed.
  • The network has problems.


Methods to Get rid of QuickBooks Error Code 6073

By restoring the damage in your company file, switching to a multi-user mode, granting complete control of your File, and using Quick Fix my application, you can resolve error code 6073 in QuickBooks. Let’s examine these remedies in greater detail:

1st Solution: Allow Full Control for Your Company file

If your company file is situated in a read-only network folder and you attempt to make changes to it, QuickBooks error 6073 may appear. These are the actions you must take in order to give it complete control: –

  • Launch the host computer.
  • Open the directory that contains the company file.
  • Click the Properties option after right–clicking the File.
  • Select the user who is having trouble logging in by clicking the Security tab. Click Edit now.
  • Put a check next to Give Full Control.
  • Select Apply, then select OK.


2nd Solution: Run Quick Fix my Program through QuickBooks Tool Hub

Run Quick Fix my Program if QuickBooks Error Message 6073 is related to remote accessing the computer. It may be found in the QuickBooks Tool Hub, which also has QuickBooks File Doctor there. You must take the following actions: –

  • In the QuickBooks Tool Hub, first select Programs Problems, and then select Quick Fix my Program.

  • Once the procedure is complete, restart the QBD application and open your data file.


3rd Solution: Switch to Multi-user Mode to Access company file on Host PC

If the issue shows up because your File was in Single-User mode and you were trying to access it from the host computer, you must open your company file in Multi-User mode on the host PC. You must take the following actions: –

  • Select Close Company from the File menu by tapping on it.

  • Reopen the company file now, then select File from the menu. Click Open or Restore Company after that.

  • Click Next after selecting Open a company file.

  • Open a company file and then select it.
  • Tap Open after selecting Open File in multi-user mode.


4th Solution: Switch to Multi-User Mode to open File on different PC

If you are trying to access your company file in single-user mode on a different workstation while your company file is already open on one workstation, you must manually convert to multi-user mode:

  • Shut down QBD across all platforms.
  • Now, on the host computer, access your company’s File.
  • Click on Switch to Multi-user mode under the File menu.

  • Change the mode to Multi-user.
  • Consider using an alternative system to access your computer file.
  • If the issue still occurs, reboot all workstations.


5th Solution: Inspect for any hidden files

  • Navigate to the tools menu and then click on folder options.
  • After that hit click on View tab and hit a click on Show hidden files and folders.
  • Now open the data folder see the network file and transaction log file.
  • Next, hit a right click on .ND file and then select properties.
  • Now lastly, delete the hidden option and then hit a click on OK tab.


While winding up, we have a firm hope that by following the procedures laid down in this article, you could successfully fix the QuickBooks error code 6073, 990001. If you face any adversities, it is highly recommended that you contact our QuickBooks error technical support through the Live chat option or via the helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787.

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