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Why You Should Consider a Feather Edge Fence for Your Home

You’ve probably seen feather edge fence panels before and wondered what they were and why you might use them. Well, we’re here to help you understand this type of fencing and why it can be the perfect choice for your home or commercial business property! Feather edge fence panels are traditional in style, the perfect backdrop for your borders. The vertically overlapping boards of feather edge fence boards make for a sturdy and secure boundary. The construction is very similar to close board fencing panels, why not take a look?

How a feather edge fence panel works

Feather edge fence panels use vertically stacked boards to create an attractive, sturdily structured boundary. They are made from thin pieces of wood and look very similar to close board fencing panels, but with several differences. liggande staket usually has vertical gaps between each board while feather edge fences have no gaps at all. Instead, they feature interlocking joints that mean they are much stronger than their close board counterparts. The boards on feather edge fence panels also overlap each other by around half their width, creating a ‘feather-like’ effect when viewed from above. This overlapping also helps strengthen these types of garden fences.

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Which type of feather edge panel do you choose?

Which type of feather edge panel do you choose?

A feather edge fencing panel is traditionally made up of vertical boards that are placed on top of one another. The board overlaps and ‘feathers’ out slightly, in order to create a neat finish, with little or no gap between each board. There are two main types of feather edge panels – close board fencing panels and feather edge split rail fence panels. When considering which type is best for you and your garden, it is important to take into account some factors such as material, color, and price.

Where to buy feather edge fencing

Browse our feather-edge fencing panels here to find your perfect match. We offer two styles of feather edge fencing—classic and contemporary. For example, our classic feather edge fence panels are constructed from top-quality hardwood and pine timbers that create a beautiful backdrop for your garden borders or flower beds. Whether you’re looking to give your garden fencing an elegant feel or something rustic, we have something to suit your needs.

Our contemporary feather edge fencing panels use high-quality softwoods such as spruce, larch, and redwood. The vertical boards on these staket trä make them ideal for creating boundaries around children’s play areas in parks and playgrounds. They also work well as a border around patios and terraces at home. Our feather edge fences come in three different heights: 1m (3ft), 1.2m (4ft), and 1.5m (5ft). These boards are finished with either vertical grain or horizontal grain depending on which look you prefer.

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Maintaining your new featheredge panel

Maintaining your new featheredge panel

The maintenance and upkeep of your feathered panel are not as daunting as you might think. The first thing to remember is that these panels are not designed to be ‘left to their own devices, they need regular attention to ensure their longevity. If you do have a small area or side garden fence then it may well be possible to maintain it yourself, but if it is going to take up more than one day per week then it would be worth considering hiring someone else in. Maintaining your new feather edge fence should include.

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