What Makes A Tablet Perfect For Everyday Use?

Samsung Tab s6

Tablet sales have been rapidly increasing over the last few years. While there could be many reasons for their popularity, one of the commonly agreed facts is that tablets are the ideal combination of the best features of both a laptop and a smartphone.

With the constant advancement in their core technology, they are fast replacing PCs as the medium of choice for young professionals.

Another appealing aspect is the diverse user base tablets can cater to. This includes a combination of activities, purpose of usage, and price factor. There are several tablets offered by dozens of brands like the Apple iPad or the Samsung Tab S6, which cater to every imaginable requirement of the user. 

People like to indulge in different kinds of activities, which can also lead to a cluster of multiple related devices. Firstly, there is the expense of buying individual devices. Then there are the several different chargers and charging requirements of each device, plus the added maintenance and applicable repairs.

A feature-packed tablet can empower you to perform several functions through just one device. For example:

Video and Voice Calls

Video calls are a much better experience when you use a larger screen tablet. With various apps like Zoom, Teams, Skype, WhatsApp, etc., you can easily make and receive video calls with others or even as a group. In these trying times of social distancing, it is a true boon to stay connected with family and friends alike.

While many must be aware of app or web-based calling features, did you know that there are several variants of tablets that allow you to make normal voice calls just like your phone? For example, the Latest Samsung Tab S6 and S7 come with 4G / LTE variants other than the Wi-Fi-only models. In the LTE version, you can insert a SIM card from one of the mobile operators in India and start making calls to other phone numbers or sending text messages.


Avid readers can use their tablets for reading a wide variety of e-books. If you don’t own an Amazon Kindle, you can download the free app and use your tablet to read multiple contents without the bulk of paper-based books. Their portability makes them excellent companions while traveling.


For those who prefer spoken word over reading, the tablet is once again the answer. By downloading the right application, you can listen to hundreds of free and paid podcasts or audiobooks for entertainment and enhance your knowledge.

Music apps are a dime a dozen and your tablet can play them seamlessly using your Wi-Fi connection. Whether to use it as party speaker or use headphones for private listening, it depends on your mood and choice.

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The tablet allows you to binge on web series for hours at length and watch the content of your choice. Due to the relatively larger screens, you can share the viewing experience with your friends and family — something which is not usually possible with a smartphone owing to its smaller screen size. Tablets like the Samsung Tab S6 boost up to 14 hours of battery time to allow you to watch your videos without any interruptions. 

Web Surfing

Being a web-enabled device with Wi-Fi connectivity and the availability of different browsers and apps, you can explore the online world with less stress on your eyes. This includes access to all social media sites and the larger screen helps you appreciate your friends’ posts and pictures.


Another popular hobby people participate in is photography. With a front and rear camera, you can use your tablet just like your phone to take pictures. The wider screen helps you enhance the picture size and comfortably edit it in detail using any available apps.

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