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What BSc IT colleges in Mumbai are the best alternatives to BTech studies?

IT, or information technology, has penetrated the business world, and most companies use IT and software tools for smooth daily operations and to grow exponentially. And it is the dream of all the science stream students completing higher secondary to study IT. But the expensive BTech IT studies of four years cannot make their dream a reality. Therefore, their following best and cheapest alternative to achieve their goal are the BSc IT colleges in Mumbai. Of the over 2000 BSc IT colleges in India, 277 are in Maharashtra, of which 121 are in Mumbai. Hence, students can join the best BSc IT colleges in Mumbai to become IT professionals in a short time and with less money but have almost all the benefits of BTech IT studies.

This post will discuss the many benefits of BSc IT colleges in Mumbai as being the best alternative to BTech IT studies.

Why should 12th-class completing students join the best IT colleges in Mumbai?

Mumbai is India’s financial and commercial capital and has most of the MNC offices that need IT experts to work in various capacities. Since digitalization has taken the business world by storm, Mumbai is in the eye of the storm. Businesses here use IT and its much advancement from small too big to outsmart competitors and be successful in business. And not having IT will leave them out in the crowd to lose business; hence the need for IT experts is rising in Mumbai continuously.

It is the reason that there are much better BSc IT colleges in Mumbai than in any other city in India. Hence, one of the best decisions for any 12th class-completing student should be to join them to have all the benefits of studying BTech.

Which BSc IT colleges in Mumbai are the best alternatives to BTech studies?

Location is one of the vital factors for any college to have more benefits, including job opportunities for any discipline. And if it is for IT, Mumbai is the prime location for endless job opportunities and other student benefits. However, even if it could be up to the level of studying BTech in lesser ranked colleges with fewer facilities and less experienced faculties and others, for the following reasons, BSc IT colleges in Mumbai are the best alternatives to BTech IT studies.

  • While students have to study BTech IT for four years, it is enough for them to learn for only three years in BSc IT colleges in Mumbai.
  • Studying BTech IT is expensive and even getting admissions is stern, whereas studying BSc. IT costs less, and with many colleges in Mumbai, it is easy to get admissions.
  • The curriculum for BTech IT is longer and involves more practical applications than BSc. IT, many companies now prefer to hire BSc. IT graduates with high grades are on par with BTech graduates.
  • Students in top-ranked BSc. IT colleges in Mumbai with global exposure and state-of-the-art facilities with experienced faculties and offering placements through campus interviews, events, and job fairs are better than studying BTech at lesser ranked colleges.
  • Most global IT giants like Google, Apple, and other big and small IT companies want more IT-skilled students to choose from among BSc. graduates.
  • IT students can pursue higher education like M.Sc. IT, MBA Course, and even MS abroad are on par with the BTech students to get the same benefits.

The above facts and comparisons will convince anyone to study top-ranking BSc. IT colleges in Mumbai have the same or more benefits with less spending than BTech studies.

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